internal hard drive for packard bell imedia 1304

  masterf 13:45 20 Jun 2009

hi where could i get a hard drive that fits a packard bell imedia 1304?
and how could i install it ??

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:18 20 Jun 2009

Its a standard 3.5 Eide PATA hard drive original spec is 80G.

Are you wanting to replace the internal drive for a larger one?
How big a drive do you want to fit?
Do you want to fit it as a second drive?
If first drive you may need to clone the original drive to replace windows and the restore partition.

You could always buy an external drive to plug into a USB port for more storage if require.

  masterf 14:24 20 Jun 2009


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:02 20 Jun 2009

Please switch off your caps lock, it makes the post hard to read and is considered as shouting on a forum.

1. do you have a XP CD to reinstall windows? or if your windows is preinstalled you will need software to clone the drive before replacing.
original drives for your machine click here

2. Assumming its approx 4/5 years old there should not be a problem with fitting an even bigger drive like a 360 or 500 G, these will probably be cheaper than a 160G as they are more common nowadays.

How to fit click here

get a trial version of Acronis True Image i have posted the link below you have a 15 day trial and this will give you the option to take a copy of the hard drive then re-apply the image to the same hard rive or a new hard drive

click here...

How to use Acronis to clone click here

  masterf 15:11 20 Jun 2009

ok,no i dont have cd to reinstall xp,but windows xp is already installed.why do i need to clone ??

how do i know which hard drive to buy ??

  norman47 15:16 20 Jun 2009

Some thing like this should be fine for you click here. A fast 7200 speed with a 8Mb cache should give good performance.

  norman47 15:19 20 Jun 2009

You could use acronis or data lifeguard tools 11.2 for windows from click here to clone the contents over.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:21 20 Jun 2009

"i dont have cd to reinstall xp,but windows xp is already installed"

You said you want to totally change the drive you need to take windows and the boot recorde
and all the drivers from the original drive and put then on the new drive, just copying over will not work, thats why you need to clone.

If you are upgrading the motherboard memory and hard drive as per your other thread then Msoft will class the PC as a new machine and the license for window will nut allow you to reactivate XP with all the new equipment.

I would be cheaper in the long run to buy a new barebones unit from somewhere like novatek and use your original monotor and keyboard.

click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:30 20 Jun 2009

hard drives

click here

  masterf 15:51 20 Jun 2009

i dont want to update my motherboard i just want to find a easier and cheap process to make the computer better.i think i just gonna get a new internal hard drive and ram.but how would i install the hard drive ??
what things would i need to do ??

  Quiller. 16:00 20 Jun 2009

To install a new hard drive and clone it from the existing drive.

You first see if you have a spare IDE connector on the same ide ribbon cable with the original hard drive. If you do, you set the jumpers on the new drive to slave. Insert the drive into the cage of the machine and fasten down with screws. Connect the spare IDE connector and a power connector to it.

Start the machine, right click my computer > manage > disk management. Right click the new drive and format.

Download the manufacturers software or open acronis and clone your C drive to the new drive.

When the operation is finished, change the jumper on te new drive to master and take out the old drive.

The computer should boot to windows.

You can then decide what to do with the old drive. Keep it as a backup spare with the operating system on it or change the jumper to slave and reconnect it and boot to windows Right click the drive and format and you have then have extra space you can use.

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