Internal card reader problems

  iceman1970 14:58 20 Jan 2006

Hi I was wondering if anyone could give me some help regarding my card reader. I recently fitted a card reader. I have installed all drivers and everything works properly accept the USB port. The USB port will work with my printer and scanner but when I connect my Memory Pen it wont work. Any Ideas?

  iceman1970 14:59 20 Jan 2006

Sorry forgot to say that the Memory Pen works fine. I connect the Pen to my 2nd PC and it works. Do you think it's a hardware problem? Thanks

  jack 15:04 20 Jan 2006

I dont follow this thread quite.
You said you have fitted an internal card reader
but yout 'memory pen' [assume you mean flash memory] does not work.
If the port works with scanner and printer, then any other USB device should work.
Please explain in great detail.
What computer
What system are you running?
When fitting internal card reader- what connections were made?
How many USB ports does the machine have

  iceman1970 15:10 20 Jan 2006

Im using Windows XPro, I fitted the cable to the USB header on the mainboard. I have a K7Upgrade-600 Motherboard which has 6 onboard USB Ports. My system is A pc which I built myself. Cant understand why the Flash Memory pen wont work.

  Lettervanman 16:35 20 Jan 2006

I have an internal card reader which came with the PC. It is connected to the mainboard as you describe,but it has a mind of it's own!
I don't have a usb port combined with it as you seem to have,but the card reader sometimes works o.k. and sometimes will not for no apparent reason. A reboot normally gets it working for a while and then it stops. I am still trying to get to the bottom of this.
Not much help to you,but I am sure there is a good reason,if I could only find what it is!

  jack 20:09 20 Jan 2006

This is going to have to be a process of ilimanation.

Disconnect the Card reader ans then try the pen drive.
also look at Hardware in system properties and the USB set up look for the usual anomilies with the card reader connected and disconnescted with the pen drive in a slot.
For what it was worth I looked at internal card readers, but as I had en external one any wway I simple carved a hole in a facia blank and fabricated
a tray for it to sit in and lead the lead the the unternal of a 5 port USB PCIcard
It works fine.
There have been a few reports of these 'internal ' card readers being troublesome - in particular one sold on E-bay at a bargain price
It maybe worth a look in the search window.

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