Internal Card Reader

  zipman 14:26 19 May 2005

My new Medion PC came installed with an internal card reader, but no floppy drive, is it possible to fit a floppy as well. If so do i require a cable adator to do so.

  Indigo 1 15:20 19 May 2005

Do you really need a floppy ?

It depends on the case really, some have the space - some don't.

Post a link to a picture or description of the exact PC and will see if it's possible.

  zipman 20:50 19 May 2005

I have taken a photo of the machine, but do not know how to create a link to it, would be grateful for advice how to do so.

  Indigo 1 11:46 21 May 2005

Sorry for not responding sooner, try this link click here that will allow you to put your picture on the net and will give you a link which you can copy and paste into the thread.

Basically though if your PC has more than one space for a floppy then yes it is possible ro have a card reader and a floppy, if not you could replace your card reader with something like this click here whis is a card reader and floppy drive combined.

  Technotiger 12:12 21 May 2005

Hi, or you could get a USB external floppy drive if really needed. I recently removed my floppy drive as I never use it, and it was I think, beginning to play-up anyway. If I ever do need one in future I will get a external one.


  Indigo 1 14:58 21 May 2005

The problem with USB floppies is that you can't boot from floppy if you need to as the USB drivers need to be loaded first, which of course they can't if it won't boot.

I can think of no other valuable use for a floppy drive these days as the amount of info they hold is pathetically small by comparison of other devices.

Of course you may have some stuff on floppy that you use occasionally and you can't transfer it to other media without a floppy drive.

  zipman 16:13 21 May 2005

Yes i do have a spare bay for a floppy drive, i will have the panel off the PC and look at what cable,s their are,thanks for all the advice.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:03 21 May 2005

I fitted a floppy to my Medion not as easy as I expected!

Assuming you have the 8086 titanium from Aldi.

You will need a floppy drive, floppy cable, fresh arctic silver thermal paste, Securing screws

One of the sata hard drives are located in the floppy bay. This will have to be moved and located vertically behind the other drive lower front of machine.

1. To give you enough room to slide out the drive you will need to remove the fan and heat sink from the chip. Turn the four plastic securing catches 90 degress to release the heatsing and fan + shroud. Release cable to fan connector on M board and lift out

2. Remove power and sata cable from HD drive and mark cable. Slide HDD rearwards from floppy tray

3. Remove cables from other HDD and mark.

4. Remove other drive bay by releasing one screw and slide upwards off the catches.

5. Remove plastic front cover from Floppy bay above card reader. Then carefully punch out metal cover on front of floppy bay ensuring it does not drop into PC. (Mine was very hard needed a hacksaw)

6. Slide floppy into bay and secure with screws connect new cable and power cable (may need to split cable tie to release power cable)

7. Secure HDD in drive bay behind the other, refit drive bay slide back onto catches ensuring cables to front connectors are not trapped, refit by securng screw.

8. Refit sata and powercables to HDDs , correct sata cable must go to correct drive or PC will not boot (this is why you mark them when removing).

9. Clean old paste off CPU and heat sink. Apply fresh arctic silver to heat sink and carefully lower onto CPU. Secure by turning plastic catchs 90 degrees. Check fully secure before proceeding further. Reconnect fan connector to M board.

10. Power up and enter BIOS check floppy controller enabled, set boot sequence to include floppy if required. save and exit

11. Reboot floppy should be shown on first screen check My computer in Windows for presence of 3 1/2 removable drive.

Best of luck

B****r this just buy a USB floppy much easier.

  zipman 15:02 31 May 2005

Thanks Fruit Bat /\0/\ after looking through your instructions i think i will go with your last option of a USB floppy drive. many thanks.

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