Internal Broadband modem

  Graham ® 11:06 18 Apr 2004

Does anyone know the minimum spec for one of these, please? The PC in question is Windows 98SE, 167MHz processor, 16Mb memory. There is a spare slot, black, 6in long.

Or could it take a USB card?

  Gongoozler 11:20 18 Apr 2004

Hi Graham ®. Spare slot, black, 6in long. This is an ISA slot. I very much doubt that you'll find a Broadband modem to fit it. If the motherboard isn't one of those with a dodgy USB chip, then a USB modem is your best bet.

  Graham ® 12:12 18 Apr 2004

I've ordered one of these so I can use a USB modem click here

Will it work?

  Graham ® 12:17 18 Apr 2004

Just checked, it has spare white slots about 3 1/2in long. Are they PCIs?

  Graham ® 12:38 18 Apr 2004

Motherboard is Award 4.51, 1997.

  Graham ® 13:43 18 Apr 2004

Kick queue

  Gongoozler 22:17 18 Apr 2004

Hi Graham ®. The white 3 1/2in slots are pci.
The Award BIOS 4.51 suggests to me that the motherboard has an Intel chipset and therefore the USB is also probably ok (is it a Pentium processor?). It was the VIA MVP3 chipset of that era that had the USB problem.

  Gongoozler 22:23 18 Apr 2004

Hi again Graham ®. I used one of the Ebuyer USB cards on a motherboard with the VIA MVP3 chipset, and it sort of worked, with an ADSL modem but I think the problems were due to the motherboard not the card. I used the same card on a more modern motherboard and it worked fine with a printer and a card reader. Intel were much better at USB. You may even find a USB header on the motherboard. If you install and run Belarc Advisor click here or AIDA32 click here, you should be able to identify the make and model of the motherboard, and may be able to download the manual for it.

  Graham ® 09:31 19 Apr 2004

Thanks, I posted the motherboard at 12:38. I have enabled USB in Device Manager, just waiting for the kit.

  leo49 09:47 19 Apr 2004

I would check the memory requirements of your propsed USB modem - many require at least 32mb.

BTW - Award 4.51, 1997 is the Bios version - not the motherboard.

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