Intermittent sound glitches - IRQ conflict?

  Phil49 16:03 15 Feb 2004

I am running Windows XP on L7VTA motherboard and XP2000 processor. I get intermittent stuttering on all audio, from WAV or MP3 files on the hard disk, or when playing CD's.

I have a Soundblaster Live Platinum card and a Radeon 7500 graphics card. They are sharing IRQ 15, which may be the problem.

I would like to configure the IRQs manually but cannot uncheck the "use automatic settings" box in Device Manager as it is greyed out. I have tried various changes in the BIOS settings but without success. Any help would be appreciated.

  pc moron 17:49 15 Feb 2004

As far as I know Win Xp won't allow you to change IRQs.

However, it can be done by altering a BIOS setting.

Have a read through this thread, click here

Particularly DieSse's comments about a setting in the BIOS.

  Phil49 15:28 16 Feb 2004

Thanks pc moron. I had already read this thread but was somewhat confused. However, I have now found the appropriate BIOS settings and have made sure they are correct (made sure that "update configuration data" was enabled). My sound and graphics cards are still sharing an IRQ but the problem seems to have been cured!

I am surprised that Win XP does not allow you to change IRQ settings manually but such is the world of Microsoft!

One further point, in case it is of relevance - I have just upgraded my Norton AntiVirus s/w to V 2004 (was 2002). I seem to remember reading that V2002 was rather resource hungry and had a tendency to slow systems down somewhat. Perhaps V2004 is better? In any case, as I am on broadband I would not consider running my PC with no protection!

Regards Phil

  ©®@$? 15:34 16 Feb 2004

i would give up on the idea of trying to change the irq's

as you would have to disable acpi which controls all the irq's

and doing so you loose plug and play etc etc

the above thread i posted, and i have 5 devices sharing the same irq including sound card and graphics card

i can only suggest moving your sound card to a different slot, to see if it gets allocated a different irq, but you'll be lucky!

test your sound

goto start/run and type dxdiag

goto the sound/music tab and run the tests

  Phil49 15:08 17 Feb 2004

Thanks. I tried the dxdiag tests and all tests passed OK. However I am sill getting occasional skipping when I play audio files from CD or hard disk. I'll try swapping the cards around and see if I can change the IRQs that way just in case it makes any difference.

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