intermittent power supply fault?

  acemark 16:15 30 May 2003

Hi, I have just "rebuilt" my old P3 450Mhz for a friend and the power supply seems to have gone south.. same case/supply, same mobo, same cpu, same graphics card. Cd rom and cd r/w and floppy drive are from their old pentium (socket 7)machine, no sound card installed. Sometimes it starts and works fine for whole of session, sometimes it works if you take the mains cable out and put it back in, (have tried different cables), sometimes it blows the fuse on switching on. PSU unit knackered??? Its fitted with a 300W unit at the moment: will the machine take the old 250W PSU from their old cannabalised machine, which works fine or does it mean a new one is needed. Perhaps it's something completely different?

  stlucia 16:27 30 May 2003

On the basis of the fuse-blowing and sometimes working again if you take the mains cable out and put it back, it sounds more like a mains cable/plug/socket problem than anything else. Have you tried a different mains cable, or checked the cable and plugs either end of it for bad/loose connections? If the cable checks out okay, it could be the mains socket in the PSU.

  acemark 16:55 30 May 2003

I've tried different cables and plug sockets around the house, will check out the connection on the PSU, had an inkling it may have been that but hadn't got round to it yet, hopefully that's what's causing it. Unfortunately the PC isn't here at the moment, but will let you know how it goes. Thanks.

  Rayuk 17:17 30 May 2003

You could try the 250 before spending cash on a new one it should run the setup you have.

  acemark 17:00 31 May 2003

Thanks Rayuk, I'll give that a go and see what happens ;-0 fingers crossed.

  acemark 13:30 29 Jun 2003

Yup, it was the power supply, I've stored it happily in the bin !!!!

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