Intermittent power problem on start up.

  csqwared 14:19 12 Nov 2005

When i press the power button at the front of the tower I am now getting one of three occurrences.

1 Machine starts O.K. - no problem.

2 Fans a drives spin up for between .5 sec an 2 secs. then power disappears requiring a switch off/switch on at the mains plug and press power button on tower.

3 No response at all requiring the procedure outlined in 2.

It's a self build machine EpoxEP-8kmm3i mobo, 500w PSU, AMD Athlone XP 2400+ and when running shows temps of MoBo 31deg C, CPU 42 deg. C. I'm suspecting the power button on the front of the case is faulty which will mean a new case. Any ideas anyone before I take the thing to bits?


  Mr Mistoffelees 14:42 12 Nov 2005

I had a similar problem, my solution was to replace the PSU. It has never happened again.

  Das Boot 15:25 12 Nov 2005

Try going in to the bios and look at the hardware monitor section to see if the fan speed monitor is set to shut down if CPU fan speed is to low if it is disable it as some M Boards will stop boot up if this is the case.

Rock ON.

  phono 15:44 12 Nov 2005

Like Mr Mistoffelees I would suspect the PSU, do you have one you could try as a substitute to see if that cures the problem?

  csqwared 16:33 12 Nov 2005

Das Boot - thanks, I've checked the BIOS and alles ist richtig. (Couldn't resist that.)

Mr Mistoffelees,phono - thanks to you also, I do have a spare PSU so I'll give it a try. I'll tick for now.....but may be back.

Thanks again.


  csqwared 20:26 14 Nov 2005

but would just like to add it wqas indeed the PSU. Spare one fitted and running like a dream. Thanks again.


  phono 23:55 14 Nov 2005

No problem, glad to see that all is well.

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