Intermittent momentary freezing on brand new PC

  [email protected] 22:24 14 Sep 2011

Hello folks I have just purchased a new Chillblast Delta with the usual Windows 7 OS to replace an elderly XP machine. I was having problems from the beginning with the mouse freezing momentarily. At first I assumed this was just a faulty mouse, but realised that if I'm watching a clip on YouTube (even if the clip has fully downloaded) the picture and sound are briefly freezing exactly when the mouse is also momentarily inactive. So it would seem the whole system is briefly freezing up. It lasts for less than a second but happens repeatedly. I have also had big problems getting a stable wireless internet connection - connection gets lost very easily. There were no problems with previous XP machine in same location. Maybe this is related also? Thanks for any comments.

  spuds 00:07 15 Sep 2011

There could be a number of reasons for the intermittent problems, so I would suggest due to the newness of the computer that you contact the retailer for advice.

Just a few questions in the meantime:

Is the mouse new, wireless, wired, and was this supplied with the computer?.

Have you installed 'extra' software, that might not be compatible?.

Loose components, moved during transit?.

What happens when you do a reboot. Is the computer stable then freezes later?.

  [email protected] 11:46 15 Sep 2011

Thanks for your reply spuds. In answer to your queries - The mouse is wired and new, came with PC. Only MS Office package installed. PC arrived in perfect condition, no reason to think it had a rough journey and things had come loose. Reboot makes no difference. Thanks.

  spuds 12:16 15 Sep 2011

I would still suggest that you contact the supplier for advice, because if it is a warranty claim in the making, then you might have problems due to the delay of reporting the events.

Just one final question. Was the problem there before or after you installed MS Office?.

Regarding 'briefly' freezing with YouTube, I find this happens on my computers on occasions. I just put that down to YouTube and the way it acts at times!.

  gengiscant 13:27 15 Sep 2011

Change your user name from your email address,as you will cop for a lot more spam.

  [email protected] 13:40 15 Sep 2011

Thanks again spuds - I wanted to try and ascertain a bit more about the nature of the problem first before getting back to Chillblast. I installed Office straight away, so can't be sure about this. gengiscant - yes, this was a slip up, not intentional, I must change it! Ta.

  Snrub 14:17 15 Sep 2011
  1. unplug every connector and re-plug firmly paying particular attention to mouse and main power into rear of computer connections, try computer.

  2. run malware check in safe mode, reboot, try computer.

  3. run Event Viewer if fault persists to see if there are any clues to fault.

  4. see if there is driver update for your video card from manufacturers website, if so install and re-test

  5. failing this follow spuds advice and return computer because the list of problems could be endless including for example, a dry joint on a circuit board which would be difficult to diagnose.

  Careful 18:37 15 Sep 2011

(musicbassman, now under new name)

Thanks for your advice Snrub

Well, this is strange - by simply moving the PC into a neighbouring room it's now running perfectly - so I suspect there must have been a poor plug connection (although I had already checked this) or some sort of electrical interference at its previous location?

I now have the problem of trying to find if there's a house wiring gremlin, if it is that, but at least I think I can rule out a problem with the PC.

Shows that sometimes you need to check the PC location first.

  Woolwell 20:03 15 Sep 2011

Or by moving it you have jogged an internal connection and it is now good but may still be loose.

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