Intermittent internet connection

  gadgetman138 15:20 03 Nov 2006

Sky broadband! I have had it now for 5 weeks and I have had 5 weeks of problems, after 10 phone calls and approx 4 hours on the phone to Sky I am getting nowhere, sky have had three tickets in for this problem and they say they will get back to me within 48 hours, 5 weeks have gone by with no call backs.
The problem: I can switch on my PC and router and it connects, after ten minutes or so it disconnects for no reason, power down the router, power back up and everything is fine, ten minutes later the same thing happens. Later on in the day it could stay connected for ten hours, next morning, same thing again. I have checked 5 or 6 times the router config (which is the second one, Netgear DG834GT) and the LAN config, all OK, the network is fine but it's the internet connection that is the problem. Next job (if I don't get it sorted) is to get rid of Sky and go back to BT, never had a problem with BT in 2 years.

  Watson 14:38 04 Nov 2006

My father had exactly the same problem which we initially atributed to ISP or BT problems, but, to avoid the long wait in (and expense of!) call queues on technical support lines and then the inevtiable ping pong between companies....

I bought him a new modem & router. Plugged them in and they refused to connect, no matter what I did with the config. So I tried the new modem with the old router. Connected but dropped out in exactly the way you describe. Then tried the old modem with new router, it connected first time and has remained so for over two months now.

Conclusion? I don't really know - but try replacing your modem/router before blaming your ISP!


  elliottelliotts 15:42 04 Nov 2006

I had this problem with my Belkin. Found that the unit had a default setting to disconnect after a preset period. Set the value to 'never' and problem cleared. On a simlar tack, I found my conection software on my laptop had a similar arrangement - set that to 'never, also.

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