Intermittent Fan Noise & Computer Has 8 FANS

  axelbrora 17:13 26 Feb 2009

Hi any help would be appreciated. The problem is in the subject title. This is an intermittent noise that lasts from anything between 1 minute and 20 minutes. It started about one month ago after about three years with no problems

I have taken my computer out from under the desk and put it on the work top, cleaned out and vaccummed all of the fans after removing most of them. I run the computer, case only, on the worktop for about 1 hour and no noise. After reassembling everything and setting it up again the noise started the next day.

8 fans as follows:

Case - 3 fans one on front and twin ones on rear.

Power supply unit - 2 fans one at the rear of unit and one at the front.

Graphic card - one fan.

CPU - one fan.

Mother board - one very small fan on board.

I have no idea which fan has the intermittent noise problem other than stripping case again and running the computer for an indenfinite period on the kitchen worktop, however I could sit there for hours, or days, and nothing will happen!

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.


  Diemmess 17:34 26 Feb 2009

The number seems excessive unless you are pushing oodles of amps through a fancy games machine, but which if any are not really necessary, is a different branch of your problem.
Simple things first.

You have obviously cleaned everything thoroughly and looked for odd screws rattling about inside the case, or any bit of loose material rattling in resonance.

Worn or dry bearings is a more likely cause, particularly if you have a chattering noise, groan or slight squeal
Identifying which fan is sometimes easily done, but you will have to leave the case open until you hear the noise.
Then using a soft brush or a paper spill briefly stall each fan in turn until the culprit is found.

Once found, replace it, any attempt at lubricating it is a short term remedy

  lotvic 17:35 26 Feb 2009

It could indeed be any one of the fans, I think you are going to have to be patient in tracking down which one it is.... I don't know of any shortcuts that you could utilise. Maybe someone else will.

  lotvic 17:37 26 Feb 2009

What excellent advice. Have duly noted that for future ref :)

  spuds 17:49 26 Feb 2009

With all those fans, there must be a draughty atmosphere about ;o)

But seriously, it would seem to be a trial and error check required. When the noise appears, try to check and eliminate each fan.

Another check worth looking at, is anything touching anything else, and by moving the case, the noise is picked-up (fan on or near to case!)

If the machine is being used heavily, is there a possibility that the noise could be a hard-drive bearing problem?.

  gazzaho 04:55 27 Feb 2009

It might be worth try something like SpeedFan click here it might allow you to monitor some if not all fans and perhaps allow you to monitor fluctuations in the fans speeds. I don't use it myself but thought it might help.

  Bagsey 09:08 27 Feb 2009

I fixed a similar problem with a small squirt of WD40 delivered accurately through the fine plastic tube supplied with the aerosol. My machine is still working 2 years later.

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