Intermittant seizing on boot up

  bigmike 09:48 04 Mar 2004

Hi Guys!
Sometimes my PC seizes up near the end of boot up. The mouse still works, but nothing else, and the main power-on switch seizes, i.e. you can't switch off. Attempts to re boot via Ctrl-Alt-Del lead to a black screen. Then the only thing is to switch off at the wall which releases the PC power on/off switch, enabling a full re-boot after the W98 blue screen disc drive auto check.
(Updated Olivetti Xana, with 1.2GHz Athlon, 256Mb RAM, 32Mb video RAM, Oxford sound works, 5Gb used out of 40Gb HDD. W98 SE, AOL 8.0.)
Any ideas please?
Big Mike

  Big Elf 10:20 04 Mar 2004

Did you also upgrade the power supply?

  bigmike 15:07 04 Mar 2004

Hi Big Elf,
Thanks. Yes, it has a new LEX main board as well.
The problem occurs say once every 10 boots.
Very occasionally it seizes similarly during internet time.
Big Mike

  Big Elf 15:19 04 Mar 2004

Maybe check all the connections? Something could be loose.

  bigmike 08:42 07 Mar 2004

Thanks Big Elf; I don't think a loose connection is the problem, as the pc invariably boots up O.K. on second attempt.
(I do know that some 13 amp power plug/socket connections give intermittant problems)
I suspect something around the sound card initiation, but was hoping to find someone else with the same problem!
Big Mike

  bigmike 09:08 17 Mar 2006

Finally concluded there was a dry joint in the motherboard assembly, so changed the whole system, retaining only the HDD.
Now having to sort out the drivers for the TV cards to get things on an even keel.
Thanks for all your good ideas and advice. A problem shared is a problem lightened!

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