Intermittant Problem with Lap Top

  carper 15:41 27 Oct 2009

I have developed an intermittent problem with my Dell lap top. When starting up I sometimes get the get the message below. This is a problem with the disc drive, as when I go onto "My Computer" the drive does not show at all. Any suggestions would be helpful. Regards Carper

Dell Inc.

click here

The device in the systems modular bay cannot be identified. It may not be completely inserted or may have some other problem. Please read and complete the following steps in order.

1) Press device completely and firmly into the bay.

2) Power off the system

3) Press the power button to retry detecting the device.

Press ESC to ignore and continue.

This suggestion does not clear the problem

  woodchip 15:50 27 Oct 2009

Remove the Hard Drive under a Plate in the bottom of Laptop, then refit it. remove the battery and all power before doing the above

  carper 13:06 07 Nov 2009

Thanks woodchip. Must apologise for delay but I haven't but I haven't psyched myself up yet to do it. Waiting for a more IT savvy friend to guide me Carper

  pompyx 13:28 07 Nov 2009

I think it's referring to the CD Drive, rather than the Hard drive, System modular is where the CD Drive it reside.
That is usually only a couple of screws to remove, pull it out, and slide it back in again.
It may only be loose, as it is the worse kind of fault, the intermittent kind.

  carper 09:58 24 Nov 2009

No apparent screws to remove CD drive but for some reason the problem seems to have cleared. Keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks again for all your help Carper

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