Intermittant no signal from new Gfx card

  bstb3 15:12 05 Mar 2009

Hi all,

Yesterday I installed a replacement graphics card into my wife's pc after her two year old 8800GTX died a rather colourful (on screen) death. I replaced it with a 9600GT, installed ok and power connected.

On the first boot after installation we had a picture, running on VGA drivers. I installed the Nvidia drivers that were bundled with the card and rebooted as instructed, only to have a black screen with no signal detected. - the computer booted fine (lights, sounds etc), just no picture. Restarted again and we had a picture, the new drivers were there and resolutions etc. and this worked fine all last night and this morning. The card was even detecting the correct make and model of monitor so presumably they were compatible (if that matters).

On reboot after lunch today, again a blank screen but the comp boots up fine. Any ideas what on earth is going on?

The PC is running a 550W PSU so should be producing enough juice (it worked the 8800GTX well enough), unless it is somehow degraded?

Wife has checked the obvious, cables are all tightly in place and has tried both ports on the back of the card just in case. The next step I will try tonight (stuck at work at the mo) will be to reseat the card again but I cant figure that this is the problem - if so why work sometimes and not others?

All help gratefully received, especially if it rescues me from an impending frying pan interface situation...


  gary2112 15:36 05 Mar 2009

hi there what it sounds like to me is the card is overheating as its switching it’s self of two protect its self/.when you plug the card in ,with the power on .do you see a red light from the card its self. if this is the case the power from your psu is seated properly ,also is the screen black from the post screen ie you see nothing .if you do see a post screen as windows is loading press f8 go into safe mode and remove all drivers to do with your monitor and your graphics card then install in this order find the chipset drivers for your motherboard download and install the latest ones you can find then go to the nvidia site and get the latest drivers for your card . second bit worst 1 that your psu is faulty as you say your 8800 gtx died on you and it might not be dead at all if it’s the psu .in fact your older card is moor powerful then your 9600 as the 9600 is a 8800 with a different name .as it’s the same chipset I fell for that a well.

  bstb3 15:54 05 Mar 2009

hi gary2112, thanks for the response.

When the problem occurs there is no post screen at all, just the message from the monitor of no signal before it goes into power saving.

I will check for the red light (didnt notice an led but will check with case off to see) to test the power.

Hadnt thought about overheating, though the times the problem has occurred have been after the card has been idle so not sure how it could be overheating so quickly.

The 8800 that died was dead too, tested it on another machine and got the same distortions.

Thanks and will update when I get home to test.

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