Intermittant Crackling Telephones

  rawprawn 09:11 04 Mar 2007

I have been having a problem with our phones, the internal wiring has been checked to best of my ability. I thought that I had narrowed it down to the modem and bought a new one, which seemed to solve the problem but they are back crackling this morning. I have all the filters in place. I have called BT but if they find a fault in our equipment it will cost £116-50 call out fee and £99.95p per hour.
Any ideas greatfully received as that is a lot of money.

  bennyhillslovechild 09:17 04 Mar 2007

Are ALL the phones crackling? Have you tried unplugging all but one, and putting that into the Master socket? If that solves the crackling, you can try plugging back in the other bits of equipment one at a time, and seeing if one of them causes the crackling. Also, modern master sockets have a "test socket" located under the fascia which connects directly into the BT line. If you have one of these Master sockets, you can simply unscrew the front to reveal this hidden socket. Plugging equipment into this shuts off all extensions and other wiring etc. If there is no crackle then, then you know it's either some of your equipment or wiring. If there is crackling, it's a problem with your line, and therefore BT's problem not yours, so no charge to fix.

  rawprawn 09:37 04 Mar 2007

Thanks for the response, yes all the phones are crackling, and that includes when I just plug one corded phone into the main socket. Unfortunately our sockets are not the new type so I can't do that test. I have replaced the wiring from the outside BT socket, and broght it straight ino the main socket but it made no difference. BT have tested the line and say they can find nothing wrong.I had arranged for an engineer to come, but I cancelled it yesterday after fitting the new router which seemed to solve the problem.Sorry to go on but I am simply frustrated!

  Gongoozler 09:44 04 Mar 2007

Last time I had a crackling on my phones, it turnrd out to be due to moisture in the BT terminal box. My phone connection is via overhead lines which terminate in a plastic box with a flip up cover. I would not, of course, advocate anyone opening a BT owned terminal box!!

  rawprawn 09:57 04 Mar 2007

Thanks for that,our phone cable is underground but I cleaned out the box when I recoonected the outside wiring (and sprayed it with WD40)so I don't think that is it unless it is in the cable itself which I suppose is possible.

  PA28 10:55 04 Mar 2007

Had exactly this problem recently and BT tried to scare me into not having a call-out as well. However they were able to test the line and establish the fault as external. The engineer rang me two days later and said it had been fixed - I asked him where the problam was and he told me that it was an undergound box some 1/2 mile away in our village. It has been very wet lately....

It's often worth checking with near neighbours who may have been suffering the same problems.

  Jackcoms 10:58 04 Mar 2007

Hi Dennis

Are your ADSL filters working OK?

Have you tried changing them for new ones?

  rawprawn 11:40 04 Mar 2007

Hi Craig, yes I have checked but still can find no problem. I think I will eventually have to pay BT and smile!

  Daveboy 11:50 04 Mar 2007

Crackly lines are 99% due to moisture ingress on BT's external plant - often their test systems see thru the fault. If you have replaced the incomming wire to your first socket you must be able to remove the extension wiring so this is the only live one. If you still have noise at that point then the fault will lie with BT, insist on a visit.
PS. You should not really have replaced that wire - plead ignorance on that one !

  rawprawn 13:23 04 Mar 2007

" If you have replaced the incomming wire to your first socket you must be able to remove the extension wiring so this is the only live one"
I did replace the incomming wire, but I made carefull notes where all the colours were and simply replaced them in the same place. I really have no idea which is which. I thought I might be in trouble replacing that wire, but I genuinely thought that was where the fault was because the connection into the "Junction box" from outside just fell apart as though it was rotten. I could have cut it back a bit but I felt that the rest would be suspect so I replaced the lot. The line has been in about 36 years.
Mine are the old fashioned kind of sockets, can you tell me how I can remove the extension wires?
Thanks for the imput.

  rawprawn 14:35 04 Mar 2007

I have rebooked a BT engineer, I will just have to get this fixed one way or another,although it is cheaper to have a new telephone service installed than repair th old one. I will tick it as resolved.

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