Intermitent 'Network cable unplugged message'

  Halmer 21:23 04 Sep 2009

After two weeks holiday during which I turned off my Lynksys router I have returned to a problem.

I have spent all day eliminating things.

I keep losing my ethernet connection (XP) and get 'network cable is unplugged' message. The wireless laptop that I use also loses connectivity at this point and the router reboots a couple of times. It then lasts for about five minutes or five seconds before bombing again.

Running both my PC and laptop wirelessly works fine I think. It seems to be just when I plug the PC in via the ethernet connection it throws an intermittent wobble.

Pipex say that it isn't them as my isp.

BT say the line is fine albeit a bit crackly.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled the ethernet driver.

I've reinstalled the router settings from scratch.

Lynksys say that the router is fine.

I've changed the microfilters and checked the BT boxes as best I can.

I suppose that I could just run them both wirelessly but I would like to sort if possible.

Any ideas please?


  johnnyrocker 21:32 04 Sep 2009

my guess is a loose cable somewhere?


  chub_tor 21:36 04 Sep 2009

Is it possible to substitute the cable you are using to connect the router to the pc just to rule it out?

  Halmer 21:42 04 Sep 2009

ethernet cable.

  Ikelos 21:43 04 Sep 2009

my money is on the cable from the BT line box to the router, I had the same problem. took a long time to find out what is was, changed the cable, all sorted.

  Halmer 21:53 04 Sep 2009

I've just lost my connection through the wireless route as well though so I'm a bit confused.

  chub_tor 22:25 04 Sep 2009

I think that Ikelos is on the right lines especially as BT says that the line is a bit crackly and the router keeps dropping out but it may not be the cable between the BT box and the router. Try to get BT to do a proper check for you but also go round and check all your phone filters. My money now is on the incoming line.

  Halmer 22:41 04 Sep 2009

They tell me that I need to speak to Pipex which i will do later.

Aint easy this free market thing is it?

  Halmer 23:12 04 Sep 2009

so will try to configure that to try to rule out or in the existing router.

It is a USB adsl modem so if that fails it must be something to with the BT box or before I reckon.

  BT 07:51 05 Sep 2009

I get that message even though I don't use a network.

  Halmer 08:17 05 Sep 2009

You can suppress the message if it annoys you by double clicking on the icon then 'Properties' then 'Notify me when ...'

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