Intermitant Start-up on Re-boot - Part 2 - Again

  Giggle n' Bits 12:17 24 Aug 2006

Thought this problem had been sorted with upgrading my PSU but its done it again.
My older post is at click here

I have seen CMOS Checksum Errors, noticed once the loss of sound, and the reboot/restart problem has happend again.

Its getting expensive now, I changed the AGP card with new, PSU ATX 2.0 Xilince 480Watt, Memory tested with MemTest86 v3, Optical drives were removed and FDD and USB Headers on Motherboard, Samsung SATA II (Jumper clipped back to 150 SATA v1) All tested fine. Motherboard BIOS is newest current and not running BETA.

Using Asus K8V-X SE Socket 754, with WinXP OEM SP2 Genuine CD, just activated it as well so that will be a call to re-activate if I have to change the motherboard.

Could the Memory be faulty though not testing as being faulty, could the bios be a bit dodgy and need re-flashing with same ? or would someone sugest motherboard to be faulty.

Ok, its seems to me it can be fine for a whole day then suddenly be totally mad kicking up this fault. I have now aquired 2 new Crucial 512MB PC3200 DDR400 which I can re-use for a family members build but I might chuck that out the window if this for myself cannot get sorted

Any suggestions now would be greatfully appreciated, what can I test now as I feel the memory is fine but I will test with new dimms in now.

  alrocks 12:19 24 Aug 2006

try contacting forum editor - he may be able to help.

  alrocks 12:22 24 Aug 2006

do u want me to contact him for you

  Giggle n' Bits 21:14 24 Aug 2006

just failed !

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