intergrated graphics card

  royalflush 10:34 01 Feb 2007

hey there my brother in law has a newish pc (6 months) & he got it with a integrated 64mb graphics card,now ive got a spare 128 mb & we was dumbfounded as to what u do as there doesnt seem to be any drivers on his pc for the 64mb card to uninstall so we put in this new 128mb & loaded the driver BUT it dont seam to work to good...? can anyone help me please

  Rtus 10:41 01 Feb 2007

As far as Im aware >any integrated graphics card use the system memory ,so takes a chunk out of the memory thats available . The settings for the graphics memory share are in the bios.Adding more system ram does not require a grapics driver.

  Rtus 10:43 01 Feb 2007

advise which computer model/ motherboard data you have & someone will help explain how to upgrade it if thats what you wish to do.

  keef66 11:13 01 Feb 2007

I think Royalflush is saying they have fitted a 128mb graphics card, not added 128mb ram. Am I right?

Does it work at all?

Again, more details of the pc and the graphics card really needed.

  surfmonkey #:@}© 11:23 01 Feb 2007

which graphics card is it?
then we can find drivers and guid you through thi hareware install prosses and how to disable onbord graphiocs in bios

  [email protected] 11:33 01 Feb 2007

when i installed my graphics card (pci express) it automatically disabled the on board graphics, and all i had to do was download the latest drivers from manufactures site

  BioBob 11:43 01 Feb 2007

Chances are if you boot into the BIOS there will be a section in there which clearly mentions VGA graphics - it will have 64MB chosen so should be obvious to spot. Simply change it to the slot you have used ie AGP or PCI-Express or disable it. Either way it should be fairly simple. As for uninstalling the drivers, just find the card entry in Device Manager, open it and choose uninstall Driver.

  royalflush 14:15 12 Feb 2007

Many thankx for the replies heres the pc's details:
computer- cybermax medion MT277G
processor type- intel celeron cpu 3.06Ghz
512 ram

the graphics card i want to fit is a geforce NVidia 120mb...

  Totally-braindead 14:28 12 Feb 2007

Need more info on the card such as FX5200, 7600GS, 6200 etc

  keef66 15:33 12 Feb 2007

Google doesn't throw anything up for Medion MT277G; any documentation with the pc which might help us? Failing that, is the model number of the motherboard visible on it?

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