interference question, digital TV on PC monitor.

  Ray5776 19:22 08 Feb 2006

Hello everyone,
Iam using a Freecom DIGI TV stick which works brilliantly most times, excellent picture quality.
Something seems to be causing it to stop for a second every now and then as if using freezeframe, also looses audio, sometimes picture corrupted by small squares on screen. I also have an old analogue Tv card in the PC and this is not affected but picture nowhere as good.

I think this is interference caused by something in the house i.e. mains interference rather than arial.
Anyone familiar with this sort of thing?


  Audeal 19:30 08 Feb 2006

Ray5776: I think this is associated with a breakup of the signal which is quite common with digital signals. I get it on my Freeview, sometime to the extent that the picture actually freezes and worse, goes off altogether. Afraid there isn't much you can do about it. Maybe someone has some ideas you can try.

  Graham ® 19:31 08 Feb 2006

More likely to be poor signal strength and quality.

  octal 19:56 08 Feb 2006

Unfortunately digital TV is more susceptible to disruption than analogue TV signals.

One problem that can occur is aircraft, the reflected signal bouncing off an aircraft will effectively be anti-phase to the directly received signal, thereby cancelling out the two received signals, this appears as a wobbly picture on analogue, but on digital it will break up the picture as you describe.

This is only one of many problems, this site click here will list more problems, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

  Ray5776 19:57 08 Feb 2006

I have an almost new rooftop arial top quality and have had it tested and was told signal exceptionally good. Have 5 tv`s connected to it via a signal booster, three inc my PC are digital, they all (the digital ones) suffer from the same thing occasionally this is why I think it is mains interference rather than arial probs.


  Ray5776 20:01 08 Feb 2006

Thanks octal, I live near Heathrow Airport.


  Graham ® 20:24 08 Feb 2006

Can I park my car? :-)

  Ray5776 21:04 08 Feb 2006

Not that close Graham about 4 miles. lol

  Audeal 23:30 08 Feb 2006

What will happen to Freeview when they turn the transmitters off.

  Graham ® 09:07 09 Feb 2006

It will stop broadcasting.

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