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  professor 20:37 31 Mar 2003

hey all

no prob just somthing that might interest u lot ive been doing some calculations an come up with this for the Athlon XP.

when AMD reach the 200Mhz bus speed they will(in theory)have a system of the following spec:

AGP: 100mhz
PCI: 50mhz
S.Bus: 200mhz
CPU: 2.3GHz
finally CPU multiplier: 11.5

not bad is it??

and for all you extreamists out there I did a super spec theory(but NOT an impossible not-so-far-off-futre theory)

AGP: 162mhz
PCI: 81mhz
S.Bus: 325mhz
CPU: 3.7GHz
finally CPU mutiplier: 11.5

well there it is im still doing the math for the mega over-the-top theory but what do u lot think of what ive do so far interesting to see how dominant the Athlon could become isnt it?


  powerless 20:45 31 Mar 2003

Well not 200 try 400...

click here

In May!

  professor 22:15 31 Mar 2003

the theory is right i forgot to mention that the math is based on the Athlon XP "thourghbread" core and the math is worked by simply overclocking the core to 200mhz and adjusting the AGP\PCI speeds as needed


  DieSse 23:49 31 Mar 2003

The PCI bus speed specification is 33MHz - any faster and some cards may refuse to work on it. This is why the PCI bus on some motherboards can be run asynchronously or independantly of the system bus, in order to preserve it's specified speed.

The AGP bus specification is 66MHz - and again, whilst some cards may run faster, there is no guarantee - and 100MHz is way over the top.

So whilst AMD may be able to push a little more out of the XP by increasing the FSB bus, it's not likely they would want to run the PCI or AGP bus out of specification officially.

You will see from the link provided, that a 400MHz bus may improve an XP by some 5% - useful perhaps, but not earth shattering.

  professor 00:39 01 Apr 2003

what ive done is based on mathematical THEORY not ACTUALITY, so in THEORY an Athlon XP could have a 200mhz bus
100mhz AGP
50mhz PCI
and a multiplier of 11.5

all rounded off it comes to 2.3ghz,and i'll say it again the above is mathematical THEORY not ACTUALITY


  DieSse 00:46 01 Apr 2003

Well I have to say, I'm not quite sure what your point is then?

  professor 00:53 01 Apr 2003

diesse the point is IF AMD were to work on the theory principle and see what they could come up with in actuality what they could have could well be something of somewhat a PC microprocessor wonder.


  DieSse 01:00 01 Apr 2003

I imagine that's what they do all the time - but the XP is coming to end of it's development life. And whilst they are still trying to get a little more out of it, that's really why there is a new family of processors due out soon(ish).

But neither AMD or Intel can change specifications of system busses without industry wide agreement and manufactureres who will build all the other components which need to go into the system.

  davidg_richmond 01:06 01 Apr 2003

64 bit chips anyone?

  professor 01:09 01 Apr 2003

think about it...the PCI bus...humble and innocent...but effective and also capable of upto 66mhz not just 33mhz combine this with the fact an AGP could be upped to 75mhz instead of 66mhz quite easily simply means its not CPUs that are the problem but moreover to do with the lack of the PCI and AGP slot kept more in touch with the system as a whole


  DieSse 01:24 01 Apr 2003

I've absolutely no doubt that there will be future system designs with faster speeds (AGP speed is currently being addressed by the issue of AGP 8x for instance), and probably different bus designs. It's always been so.

The problems to acheive this are not just a matter of speculatively multiplying a few numbers together though. Compatability issues and production issues are amongst some that have to be addressed. By the time new standards are agreed and in place, I imagine Athlon XPs and even P4s, will be history.

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