interesting discovery-cant bounce mails using AVG

  p;3 09:25 10 Jun 2005

thought i might just try this last night, as have Mailwasher and AVG on here; got a spam mail here and previewed it in Mailwasher ;the usual "sex talk" thingi so thought, OK, lets try bouncing this one just to see,as I had only just received it;

however, after my recent gruelling experiences with AVG and unknown addresses, I should have known that the mail would not be sent; the AVG picked up that it was trying to be returned to a non-existent address ( same hitch as my previous now-non-existent bt address) ; avg bounced it back to me telling me that the address I was trying to send to was/is fictitious (or even non-existent);

don't worry; I am not in the habit of bouncing mails,as I know it only bungs up the even -now heavily-used mail system; but just thought I would try that one; normally they are set in my Mailwasher for delete and blacklist only;
so delete and blacklist they will continue to be;but useful discovery about ability or not to bounce; (P;3 , u should have realised it would not work after your recent three day battle with correct addresses and AVG"s messages---I do now!!)

just thought I"d share that with the forum ; now someone will pipe-up that they have managed to do just that without any problems:((

  DieSse 11:09 10 Jun 2005

"avg bounced it back to me telling me that the address I was trying to send to was/is fictitious (or even non-existent)"

How would AVG know that, as long as it's in the correct format?

And if it isn't in the correct format, then it's your email client that's telling you it can't be sent, surely?

  p;3 11:22 10 Jun 2005

when I get another spam mail I"ll try again and post back what my AVG scanner says;or more precisely the message I see in the mailwasher:))

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