2Xtreme_lives 13:03 26 Nov 2006

Hello, i am trying to connect to xbox live with the following device. A speedtouch USB ADSL modem. Do i need to buy a router to connect to xbox live?, and if so how do i set it up. Thanks

  Kate B 13:51 26 Nov 2006

I would have thought the answer is yes, you need a router. The Speedtouch modem is just a USB device, it doesn't handle network traffic. I'm guessing as I don't have a 360 to put on a network, but you need a router and a wireless ethernet bridge (sometimes called a games adaptor). That will plug into the Xbox and it will communicate with the router, which will give it a network address.

  2Xtreme_lives 13:57 26 Nov 2006

the xbox 360 console already has an ethernet adapter built in, so i am intending to buy a cable router. However if i connect the usb modem to my pc, then the RJ15 cable out of the modem in to the router. Then connect an RJ15 cable from the 360 to the router. And finally connect an RJ15 cable from the router to the phone point.
Would that work?
Many thanks

  retep888 14:33 26 Nov 2006

You'll need an ADSL combined modem/router,put away the usb modem,you won't need it if you go with the router.

Set up the internet with the router using a RJ45 stright patch cable between it and the pc and a RJ11 cable to connect the router to the phone line,then use another RJ45 cable to connect between the router and xbox360,if the 360 is far away from the router then you'll a wireless game adapter from xbox.

P.S. Normally the router will come with 1 rj45 and 1 rj 11 cable.

  retep888 14:39 26 Nov 2006

You'll *need* a wireless game adapter from.............

Press the button too soon!

  2Xtreme_lives 14:54 26 Nov 2006

I do not have a network card, can i just scrap the router idea, buy a network card, connect the modem the the phone point as usual and then plug my xbox 360 into the pc?

  Ashrich 15:11 26 Nov 2006

A network card and a decent length crossover cable would do the trick .


  retep888 15:47 26 Nov 2006

You'll need to enable ICS on the pc, and this pc has to be on all the time in order to let the 360 get on line.

I'd still suggest you to get a wireless ADSL mode/router and using straight patch cables for the connection,because in the future if you get another pc or laptop, it'll make life much easier.

P.S. Of course you'll need to get a network card as well, but it's not expensive nowadays.

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