Jak_1 20:49 04 Sep 2006

Some students in a pub I frequent have asked me about a program called 'ItelTrack'. They were worried as they are regular users of P2P software, not really my concern, and wanted to know if I had any security software that would block it. I have never heard of this ptogram before and could not help them. However after a bit of research I managed to glean this:

IntelTrack is a joint project, set up by some of the major players in the Internet industry, in response to pressure from law enforcement agencies. It's purpose is to identify people who post illegal material on the web. Quite how it actually works is being kept very hush-hush, but I do know this; If I posted something illegal on a site and the owners of the servers who hosted that site are signed up to IntelTrack, then, within seconds of my posting being made on the site, IntelTrack would have identified where I was and (so I am told) WHO I am! How they have got round some of the practical problems, I don't know, but I do know that ALL ISPs and web-space providing companies will be forced to link into to the system, whether they want to be part of it or not. It seems that most countries have signed up to this initiative, because it's primary goal is to tackle terrorist crime.

I have no idea whether this is real or not but if anyone does I would be happy with any info. Personaly I am happy with any measure taken to foil terrorists even if it means the P2P users can be tracked easily too. Safety for all is paramount. I'm quite sure the stydents, being a resoursfull bunch will find another way to get their music.

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