Intel v AMD

  haricot 11:24 08 Aug 2007

Can anyone using there " more computer savvy " than mine advise me which is the better buy.

I am considering buying another Desktop PC but the minefield of which is best baffles me completely.

I can spend approx £600 without a Monitor cos' one of you guys suggested a HannsG HW223DP TFT 22" and that looked OK to me.

I am not a gamer, I just need speed and a more modern machine than I have now, ie better memory too.

All suggestiions would be much appreciated.

  Belatucadrus 11:54 08 Aug 2007

Intel v AMD depends on time as they seem to swap the technological high ground fairly regularly. To be honest though it doesn't matter as unless you're a hard core gamer, into 3D graphics or have a load of really heavy duty number crunching to do, you aren't going to put any current production chip under any real stress. I've used chips from both and can't really see any difference in day to day operation.

  keef66 15:20 08 Aug 2007

click here

For £400 you could have this pc base unit from Novatech. Based on AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400 cpu (so it's dual core) 2 gig ram, Vista Home Premium.

If you're not a gamer you don't need to spend a lot to get a pretty quick pc.

Or check out Dell's latest offers; they are very good value if you don't mind a pc you cannot easily upgrade

  haricot 17:48 08 Aug 2007

Thanks Keef66, that sounds good but am I not right in that, when I looked at the review section of PCA ( which I did after I posted my Thread)only 'cos I did'nt know it was there before,Novatech along with Chillblast ,Eclipse and a few others all given good words in the review, all if not most have a bit of a stinkin' reputation for After Sales Service.
But any way I'll have a look at your suggestion and see where it leads. Thanks again.

  Diemmess 18:01 08 Aug 2007

Can't let you generalise as in your post of 17:48.
You imply a stinkin' reputation for aftersales service with some and include Novatech.

Almost every firm will sooner or later sell goods which don't measure up for one reason or another.

My experience is with Novatech and their excellent response to a problem, even where it was my stupidity.
They are particularly keen on preserving the good customer relations on which the firm was founded.

  keef66 18:55 08 Aug 2007

With the demise of Evesham, Novatech rise to the top of my list for customer service from people who speak understandable english. My next pc will come from them whether I buy it in bits or have them assemble it for me.

  skidzy 19:01 08 Aug 2007

i agree with Diemmess regarding Novatech.
Ive dealt with them several times and must say,excellent service.
Are you sure you did not mean Mesh ?

As mentioned above,you need not spend your entire budget on a general use computer,but will get a decent spec machine for that.

  haricot 19:04 08 Aug 2007

Wa-hey Diemmess,re-read my comment. I was merely stating what I have seen written up by other users.

I have had no experience of Novatech or any other computer company with regard to service so I cannot make an actual personal comment.

All you have to do, if you feel it necessary to do so,is to Google-ise "Novatech -After Sales Service" and read for yourself.

I happen to agree with you ie for every bad experience quoted you can get a positive or satisfactory experience.My comment also said that I would have a look at the earlier advice about Novatech offered by keef 66 and I will.
Thankyou for your input.

  haricot 19:11 08 Aug 2007

I have just read the further input from keef66 and skidzy. Thanks guys and I note what you say.

I have read that Mesh have had one or two problems and Evesham are going thru a rough time but in view of what you both say about Novatech, I am inclined to give them a go and will be following up on that Spec Page that Keef66 kindly left me.

Many thanks again.

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