Intel q6660 Quad core chip

  sharkyy 16:40 20 Dec 2012

I am a compleat noob when it comes to chips but i thought i would upgrade from Dual core to quad core.My question is, Why has the quad core chip got no pins on it ? I thought you hade to make sure they were aligned properly when instaling ? Have i bought a dud ? Thank you in a dvance for any advice.

  northumbria61 17:06 20 Dec 2012

I am no expert on this but I know some of the more up to date chips (as in the LINK) have no pins - they are actually on the motherboard. The link is just an example for you to see and relates to an i7 seriesenter link description here

  northumbria61 17:11 20 Dec 2012

More is explained if you click on where it says Here is a couple of picture which can be found at

  Ian in Northampton 17:22 20 Dec 2012

Do you know for sure that your motherboard is compatible with the CPU you're planning to fit?

  northumbria61 17:27 20 Dec 2012

Ian - Good question. I assumed he would have already done his homework seeing as he has already made the purchase - but maybe not.

  Ian in Northampton 17:48 20 Dec 2012

He did say he was a compleat (sic) noob - but there are different levels of noob. There are things to do with PCs where I consider myself a noob - and others where I consider myself a little bit competent. Which is what I love about this site - the opportunity to give as well as receive.

  sharkyy 19:38 20 Dec 2012

I have changed PCU and GPU and added fans but chips are new to me. I have checked out that the chip is compatable. Seeing that the chip has no holes in it, i take it the chip sits on top of the pins ?

  sharkyy 19:56 20 Dec 2012

Thanks for the info. It has now made things clear for me to procede. I have a P5QPL-AM motherboard which supports the core 2 quad chip.

  sharkyy 10:33 21 Dec 2012

Just a follow up. I have installed the new cpu but it is running very hot. The stock fan is sitted correctly. Any ideas ?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:10 21 Dec 2012

Did you fit thermal paste?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:15 21 Dec 2012

Check the Fan/Heatsink. Is it properly installed?

Are the push pins in the correct position and is the heatsink securely attached to the socket/motherboard?

Are you using the recommended fan/heatsink for your boxed processor?

If you are using the fan/heatsink that came in the box with your Intel® Boxed Processor, you have the correct one.

Is there Thermal Interface Material (TIM) on the bottom of the heatsink? Intel® heatsinks have thermal material on them from the factory. If you need additional Thermal Interface Material, and have a boxed processor that is still within the warranty period of three years, contact Intel® customer support for TIM.

Procedure to replace Thermal Interface Material (TIM).

Airflow is not blocked. Move cables or other hardware that may block airflow.

Do not use more fans than are required for your chassis. More is not better.

Update the BIOS. Verify you have the latest BIOS and update it if needed.

You can identify your current BIOS version by looking at the BIOS string, which appears during boot-up. You can also display the BIOS version by entering BIOS setup by pressing "F2" during system boot-up. The main page of the BIOS setup includes the BIOS version string. For Intel® Motherboards - example, the version string GB85010A.86A.0046.P05 identifies the BIOS version as P05.

Correct Chassis. Do you have the correct chassis for the processor? A list of test chassis is available in the Thermally Advantaged Chassis List.

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