Intel Processor Dying!

  Robotic_Rob 19:01 19 Jul 2005

How can you tell if a processor is slowly dying?
Also how quickly would one last for if it was dying?

As im having trouble at the minute. When i boot up the machine it says CPU unworkable or has changed. Go into Soft Menu to change settings F1 to continue, Delete to go into bios (or summut like that)

I havnt changed the processor since i bought the computer, so it cant be that. Anyway ive had a look at the bios and nowt strange has jumped out and made itself clear. So i then pressed F1. windows starts up and everything, but the only thing is that it appears like everything lags. It takes ages to load up windows(where b4 it only took a min or 2) and in games it is alright until too much is happening and then game play lags and keeps jumpin.

Help ASAP Please!


  De Marcus 19:15 19 Jul 2005

Your processor is fine, try going into the bios and loading the 'optimized default'.

  Robotic_Rob 19:21 19 Jul 2005

I did and a blue screen came up saying that if i have added any new hardware or changed any settings that i should either take it off. Or go back into the settings and change it back.

Story is that i herd some nasty cracking in my pc. So i disconnected both hdd's to see it was that. And it wasnt, i plugged my hdd's back in. And i got my can of air duster out and blew out all the inside of my case.(cos i thought it mite of been some muck in a fan or summut) Anyway whilst blowing it out i found out it was an additional fan that i added. The case for it was cracked. So i took it out, that problem solved. But then when i booted up it came up with the message that i said in the earlier post and with those problems.

  phono 19:36 19 Jul 2005

Is the CPU cooling fan working okay? Check to see if the fins on the heatsink are clear, I fixed a computer for a friend recently with similar symptoms, the heatsink was completely clogged with dust and fluff, I removed the fan and cleaned the fins with a soft paint brush and a minivac, on replacing the fan and switching on all was okay. All that dust and fluff were causing overheating problems.

Also check the CMOS battery is okay.

  stalion 19:42 19 Jul 2005

if you have removed a cooling fan it's possible that your cpu is overheating click here

  De Marcus 19:50 19 Jul 2005

What cpu?

  Robotic_Rob 19:54 19 Jul 2005

The case is reading at 36C and the CPU is reading at 45C.
This is with broadband running and 50 other processes running. Using about 5% CPU.

Does this sound like its too hot for what its doing?

  Robotic_Rob 19:55 19 Jul 2005

CPU is a Intel P4 2.8 HT

  phono 20:23 19 Jul 2005

The temp readings look okay to me.

When your computer boots up how many beeping sounds does it make? Have you added any new hardware to the system?

Have you opened your computer and checked that everything is seated correctly? If you do go inside the computer make sure it is switched off and that you have grounded yourself to eliminate any static charge on your body.

Have you checked to see if you have any conflicting devices?

Right click My Computer, click on Properties, click the Hardware tab, then click Device Manager, have any devices got yellow or red marks showing beside them showing a conflict or other problem?

  Robotic_Rob 23:56 19 Jul 2005

The pc doesnt make any beeps, it never has.Or as far as i remember it didnt make any beeps.

Yep, checked it over for loose connections and that. Even put some fresh heatsink jell (or wat ever you want to call it) on between the processor and heatsink. Did it all at work where the floor has an anti-static coatin on the floor but i didnt wear an anti-static wrist band though.(work at an electronics company where i test pcbs all day long)

Only red cross's i have is on the network card because i have disabled it as i dont use it.
And i have a yellow ! next to parport. I havnt a clue what it is. Which is a hidden device in the device manager.

  Robotic_Rob 00:00 20 Jul 2005

Also i have removed a fan recently because the case was cracked and it was making a crackling noise. But i doubt it has anything to do with the problem as it was placed at the back, right at the bottom. Which it didnt take much heat away from the case. This fan is additional to what came with the case or any pcb.

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