Intel Pentium || upgrade to ||| or > any thoughts

  sam2004 21:18 11 Apr 2005


I'm thinking of pugrading my very slow Intel Pentium 2 computer to pentium three or higher. Ideally i'd like to go to pentium 3 then uprgade higher once i have gained the P3 Knowledge.

Does anybody have any thoughts on this?
Has anybody done this and regretted to do so?
Will it need extra drivers?
Is it simple or really hard?

Thankyou very much for any thoughts

  Diodorus Siculus 21:22 11 Apr 2005

These days you will probably be able to buy a new machine for little more than the cost of an upgrade...

  Pentium 4 Northwood 21:23 11 Apr 2005

in my experience a p II motherboard will normally be happy with a 450mhz P III ( since they made the P II up to 450mhz). Above 450 it can get dodgy.

  Diodorus Siculus 21:23 11 Apr 2005

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  sam2004 21:36 11 Apr 2005

So, to summerise: a PIII 450MHz processor will do the job fine?

And i'll think a little more about a new pc


  Buchan 35 21:37 11 Apr 2005

You can get a new PC much higher than P3 from Dell for £291.00

  Starfox 21:51 11 Apr 2005

Of upgrading to something that is old technology,as Diodorus says it will be almost as cheap to buy new.

  Totally-braindead 22:21 11 Apr 2005

The problem you have as I assume you're keeping your motherboard etc is : what speed of processor can your motherboard actually support? Will you also need to buy new memory. Its not as simple as just switching off and plugging in a new processor I'm afraid thats why the advice that you're being given to buy something newer is probably better advice. I've got a old 466 celeron Dell computer lying in the hall just now and its worth very little if anything. If you keep your existing monitor, keyboard mouse etc and use them you should be able to buy a new PC for just over the £200 mark, nothing fancy mind you onboard graphics etc but a hell of a lot faster than you have now and more able to run newer programs.

  DieSse 08:38 12 Apr 2005

"So, to summerise: a PIII 450MHz processor will do the job fine?"

Not necessarily - as above it all depends on your motherboard. If you've got a "very slow" PII it's quite doubtful that it will handle a much faster PIII.

Beeter save your money and upgrade the whole tower, as also suggested above.

  sam2004 09:54 12 Apr 2005

i'll have a re-arrange of my computers and then see if i can afford a new computer :-)

  Stuartli 11:05 12 Apr 2005

I have an Elite P6BXT-A+ motherboard which was the first to feature both a Socket 370 and Slot1 sockets.

I originally used it with a Socket 370 400MHz Celeton and was then gifted a PentiumIII Slot1 550MHz Katmai - the mobo is capable of using FCPGA and Pentiums in I, II and III form up to at least 850MHz, so you should have no problem with using a PentiumIII in your board. My PentiumIII was configured automatically after being installed.

Looking up the manufacturer's website and keying in the motherboard model number (or into Google) should reveal what CPU speeds are usable and whether you may need to update the Bios to accommodate them.

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