Intel P4 or Athlon XP?

  David-262513 13:01 15 Jun 2003

Received some very good hints about a pc build question.
Thanks to all.
No one took up the question behind it all!
Is there any good reason for going P4?
Usual work/Office programs apart, my main interests are msic and photography/digital images.
Any reason (worded suitably for layman or put in pracitcal terms!) for not saving the money needed for P4 purchase?

  Murray 13:25 15 Jun 2003

have a search in helproom - this has been discussed many times before.

I use a P4, mainly becasue i got a good deal on it. I would only suggest a Pentium if you are a 'Heavy User' (and I dont mean your weight ;-) unless you are handling some pretty huge digital images, or doing serious video work (or even gaming), then an athlon should suit you fine.

In a word No - If I was in your situation, I would get a decent Athlon - but bear in mind, they run a LOT hotter, so need more fans/cooling ,etc

  LastChip 13:25 15 Jun 2003

There are only marginal differences in the two processors. Several moths ago, I would have said P4 without hesitation, but now the CPU's are so close to each other in performance terms, there is little to choose.

Possibly (arguably), the latest P4's have a 533 Front Side Bus (FSB), and if you are going to get heavily into graphics, there may be a slight advantage in going for the P4, but if you read various bench mark tests for the two processors, it appears one will out perform in one area, and then it's counterpart will take the lead in another!

In terms of stability, which used to be a stumbling block for AMD CPU's, the issues appear to have been ironed out, so nothing to choose there either!

considering the speed and reliability of modern processors your decision really (in my opinion) should be based on what motherboard you want, whether you want RAID ,how many usb ports firewire ports etc. find the best motherboard with the chipset that supports everything you want then your choice of processor will be made for you.
truth is if you want the best then an INTEL based board with an Intel processor is the wisest choice and with an 800Mhz FSB you wont beat the speed.

look through the old posts here and you will see that the majority of hardware related problems involve AMD processors and VIA chipsets
which are not as well integrated as their intel counterparts.
also good software is written to take advantage of the internal architecture of intel cpu's.
but hey AMD make a mean machine at a good price so like i say base your decision on the motherboard you need not just on the processor.

  dazzling (work) 16:44 15 Jun 2003

thats good advice by horiz5 most of your requirements will be related to the motherboard.usb ports firewire raid if you fancy upto 8 ide devices etc.this is how i built my system based around an abit motherboard.i do a lot of video edeting and image manipulation which is handled quite well by an athlon xp processor.make sure you get plenty of dad has an athlonxp 2600 with 256mb ddr 266 and its no where near as quick as my atlonxp 2200 with 512mb ddr 333 for moving large picture files or video.darren

  iLuminatae 17:12 15 Jun 2003

I choose to go with P4 because they have better looking case stickers :)

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