Intel P4 CPU installation! i need help...

  teddyshady 13:30 20 Jan 2008

hi there, i got recommended to come here to sort out my issues! so here i am...

basically, i had a pc with a Intel Pentium® 4, 3.0 GHz with Hyper Threading cpu, i was chaging fan and adding ram, and i put the cpu back wrong and broke it, so i put a backup i had laying around just to get the computer running until i get an exact same proccessor.

so now i have the same processor my computer was born with, but it's not working?

the computer powers up, an spins, no beeping sound, no image on screen?

i have got this fan: click here

i tried the jumpers theory, and that didn't work, i update bios through msi, and that didn't work... i took out ram and pout it back in, and that didn't work either!

my computer is: click here

the only thing different to that page is i have 1gb extra ram, besides that, nothing changed and i don't see why the system is not allowing the cpu to work! i need urgent help as this computer belongs to a friend and i am doing him a favor upgrading it, which i am not doing so well =(

thanks in advance, freddy!

  skidzy 13:40 20 Jan 2008

Sounds like non compatible ram freddy.

You are using thermal compound/paste when fitting a new cpu ?

Check the mobo for any cracks,this can happen if you press down to hard while clipping the heatsink down or even when clipping the ram in place.

  teddyshady 13:44 20 Jan 2008

the ram works though with the cpu i have in now which is intel p4 but less ghz (an older version to the one the system had to start off with), so that isn't the problem i am sure, and there is enough thermal as well. as for cracks, the computer is on now as we speak, so if there is a crack i doubt it would be on.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:54 20 Jan 2008

4 pin plug next to CPU inserted?

  skidzy 14:20 20 Jan 2008

Whats the mobo make and model number Teddy ?

As Fruit Bat /\0/\ says,check the 12v plug is connected next to the cpu.

  rickf 14:50 20 Jan 2008

A slight aside-I once managed to bend a few pins on the CPU but after carefully straightening them as best I could it worked perfectly. Was also a P4 3g. Re the other prob, have you changed the jumper settings for the CPU that's in there now and is the IDE cable slotted in well? These may seem stupid suggestions but do happen.
Hope that helps

  teddyshady 23:03 20 Jan 2008

the cpu is brand new and not bent in any way, the 4pin cable is connected yes, like i said, everything is working with the old cpu, when i put the new one, nothing shows up on screen. the motherboard is MSI MS-7060...

the only thing i can think off is the fan, i have tried 2 but no luck.

about the jumper settings, i done it when the new cpu was in, do i need to do it with the old one?

  teddyshady 00:01 21 Jan 2008

i have done everything i can think off, no luck still... im think to reinstall windows xp? would that help by any chance? maybe changing settings in bios while my old cpu is in, saving shutting down and putting new cpu in? could it really be the fan?

by the way to clear bios through jumpers, do i change it and leave it for about 15mins while the ocmputer is off and unpluged? how will the system know i want to clear the data?

  cream. 07:44 21 Jan 2008

"by the way to clear bios through jumpers, do i change it and leave it for about 15mins while the ocmputer is off and unpluged?"

Leaving the jumper in the clear position for 10 seconds should clear the cmos ( bios default ).


You can get to the bios with the old cpu?
It loads into windows, with old cpu?
You get nothing , not even bios with new cpu?
You have cleared the cmos and then loaded the new cpu, but can't get anything on screen?

Is that right?

Try this.

With the old cpu in, enter the bios and load " failsafe defaults". Save and exit. When the computer shuts down, put in the new cpu. try.

What size is the new cpu, is it 3.0Ghz?

  cream. 08:24 21 Jan 2008

If that leads to nothing.

Put in old cpu and enter the bios. Go to frequency / voltage control.

Set cpu clock ratio to the smallest, i.e 8

Set the CPU frequency to the smallest, i.e. 100Mhz.

F10 to save and exit.

  teddyshady 10:48 21 Jan 2008

new cpu is 3.0Ghz, and correct with the old bios nothing, in fact all i get is scratching style noises from the dvd rom. when i unplug that the computer just turns on, fan spins but nothing on screen.

okay so what i am going to do is:

1. clear CMOS
2. load computer with old cpu and set BIOS to fail/safe.

3. shut down PC, and install new cpu. (hopefully that works)

if not go back to step 2 but change with the the clock ratio and cpu freq.

then try again! i'll update you later on.

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