intel p4

  picklesy 05:00 22 Jul 2004

i am putting together a pc and what i would like to know is,the mobo. i have takes p4 socket 478 could i put a intel celeron p4 into it as they appear to be a cheaper option.any help would be great.thanks.

  temp003 06:24 22 Jul 2004

If the Celeron you're buying is the existing line (Northwood core, 400MHz front side bus), then all Socket 478 motherboards would support it.

You might also want to consider buying one of the newer Celerons, called Celeron D, which uses the Prescott core, 533MHz front side bus. With the Celeron D, make sure that your motherboard supports Prescott CPU. A BIOS update may be necessary.

  ste_bla 07:26 22 Jul 2004

The above is not true; some mobos need a 533 or 800 (eg some shuttles) cpu's and celerons are only 400fsb. You would be better buying a slower GHZ cpu but a pentium as it would offer better performance.

  picklesy 10:59 22 Jul 2004

don,t know if this helps.mobo lexbn266b via p4x266e chipset,supports 533MHz.thanks for responses so far.

  picklesy 14:54 22 Jul 2004

any other suggestions please.

  rickimalone 15:36 22 Jul 2004

Yes buy a P4 dont bother with celeron full stop:at these prices less than £100 2.8ghz p4 you would be mad not to:click here

  rickimalone 15:37 22 Jul 2004

Yes the celeron now has a faster FSB and 100% more cache but that still only makes it a 256k chip!! which as part of a new PC with P4's at those prices just cant be built.

  picklesy 15:50 22 Jul 2004

sorry i should have explained this at the beginning,what i am trying to do is build a cheap pc for my young grand daughter when she,s at my house she,s alway,s wanting on mine,so as i said it,s just something cheap that if she breaks it it won,t matter that far i have case,mobo,psu and heatsink and fan all second hand.i have tried a couple of bids on ebay for cpu no luck so far.i do appologise i should have explained this at the beginning.

  temp003 08:05 23 Jul 2004

Since your motherboard uses the VIA P4X266E chipset, it should support the existing line of Socket 478 Celerons. click here

  picklesy 15:34 23 Jul 2004

temp.thanks for that.

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