Intel i7 4790K Haswell overheating problems

  woodm01 21:29 12 Apr 2015

Intel i7 4790K 4.0Ghz Haswell Procssor Gigabyte Gamer 3 motherboard Coolermaster Hyper T4 heatsink Windows 8.1 64 Bit / 16MB memory

Whilst running normal applications/Windows etc. the processor idles at around 31-35C. If I run the Intel diagnostic tool it passes no problem and temp goes up to around 60c.

If I run IntelBurnTest + Gigabyte fan calibration, the temp goes up to 100C and I get alarms beeping. My dad has the exact same setup and it occurs on his machine also, so I can rule out the motherboard / CPU being faulty.

Any ideas please...

  wee eddie 22:15 12 Apr 2015

Any airflow restrictions? Dust in the fan screens, that kind of thing

  rtp8™ 23:15 12 Apr 2015

If your CPU overheats under stress test without any over clocking.

1.Your Gigabyte fan calibration doesn't work very well with the stress test programme , suggest you don't use any fan control because you'll need full fan/cooling during stress test & try again.

2.The Coolermaster Hyper T4 is okish but not the best fan, I've the same CPU in one of our power PCs but with a much more efficient cooling fan, over clocked to 4.5Ghz, never goes up to more than 50ºC under stress test.

  woodm01 06:49 13 Apr 2015

Thanks for that. What cooling fan do you use to overclock to 4.5?

  rtp8™ 02:21 14 Apr 2015

Phanteks PH-TC14PE


Please note:

1.The cooler is huge so if you don't have a full size case, don't consider it.

2.The cooler comes with 2x140mm fans but you can add a third one (which is what I did) & still performs very quietly.

3.The cooler will overhang the Ram slots, you may either have to adopt some low profile Rams or modify the existing ones.

4.You'll have to fit a supporting bracket at the bottom of the motherboard so removing it from the case is inevitable.

  mole1944 08:20 14 Apr 2015

Go get yourself a can of air (yes you can buy it) and switch of your machine earth yourself,then open the case and give everything a good blow especially the fins and fan on the CPU. Another thought is to remove the CPU clean the base of it put on new thermal paste (Amazon look it up) to see if that helps.

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