Intel Chipset Problem?

  timeteam2004 11:09 13 May 2005

I have just got another PC (Secondhand) and I am having a few probs. Re-Installed Win XP Pro and the board will not recognize the AGP slot. A FX5500 card sits in the slot and does display. No mainboard driver disks included in the package. Aida 32 recognises the card in the windows video part but does not recognise in the AGP Video or GPU parts. My other PC has all this listed for my Graphics Card. The new PC is Pentium4 3.4 Intel Springdale i865PE Chipset. Downloaded several tools for this board at Intel and nothing gets fixed. Trying to run Rocketmania and Bejewelled on this PC brings up Access Violation Errors and just dissapears. Anybody know what's wrong here.

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