Intel Celeron & Celeron D Processors

  Lady Lara 13:53 27 Oct 2006

I have an emachines 420 that was working with a Intel Celeron 2.6Ghz processor. Motherboard has now gone and i need to replace it. I have found a similar mobo but it accepts a Celeron D processor. Will my Celeron Processorwork in it?

click here


  ed-0 14:20 27 Oct 2006

Yes it will fit. click here

  woodchip 14:20 27 Oct 2006

No the soketis Different, old Celeron is a 370. Hears info for the D processor click here

  woodchip 14:24 27 Oct 2006

This the speck for D CPU

* Intel® 975X Express chipset
* Intel® 955X Express chipset
* Intel® 945P Express chipset
* Intel® 945G Express chipset
* or equivalent 3rd party chipset

So I would thing the pins are different. I may be wrong.

  ed-0 14:27 27 Oct 2006

afternoon ;-)

I didn't think that celeron 370's went to 2.6Ghz.

I may be wrong though. I thought they started at pin 478.

  ed-0 14:30 27 Oct 2006

Looks like a 478 to me. click here

  ed-0 14:49 27 Oct 2006

best thing would be to pop the celeron out of the motherboard and post the details here. The code will be written on it.

The motherboard is definatley a socket 478 one click here and from the cpu list you can see it runs a celeron 2.6Ghz.

It just needs confirmation on your cpu.

  Lady Lara 15:05 27 Oct 2006

Will try and get cpu out and will post deatils on it shortly.... got to walk the dog though for an hour first!!!


  woodchip 15:52 27 Oct 2006

Looks like it could fit, but best check the CPU marks first before buying MOBO

  Lady Lara 16:47 27 Oct 2006

Have had the chip out but is has a rubber gum solution on it so no writingis visible. Any ideas.... although at £33 it is worth a risk I suppose. If it does not work ... there is always ebay!!


  ed-0 17:47 27 Oct 2006

Just checked via the web and a 2.6Ghz celeron from a emachines 420 will fit into the ASRock motherboard.

The ASRock cpu compatibility guide say that the 2.6Ghz will fit the board.

So as in first post ;-) Yes it will fit that motherboard. Definite.

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