intel celeron

  picklsey 10:59 01 Feb 2005

i was looking to buy the above procecor 478 socket 1.8 to2.2 anyone know of any on line stores that sells them cheap i don,t need the heatsink or fan ebuyer have them at about £44 with h/s and fan so i was hoping to save a bit.i don,t do ebay.any help on trying to find a cheapo from a tried and tested store please.

  Gongoozler 11:55 01 Feb 2005

From what I can find, you have to have the retail boxed version with heatsink, e.g. click here

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 12:15 01 Feb 2005

cant find any not boxed but £44 if that is inc vat is a about average cant see you getting it much cheaper bearing in mind you are not an ebay user

  picklsey 14:10 01 Feb 2005

thanks for replies i know you used to be able to get what i think was called oem the shop i use doesn,t have any left and is not restalking them any one else know of a supplier.thanks

  picklsey 17:49 01 Feb 2005

anyone any more suggestions.

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