Integrated Web Servies

  Mysticnas 08:09 01 Nov 2005

Hi all,

Just another quickey i hope....

What are you general definitions of the following giving examples:

Integrated Web Service

Thanks all, i look forward to your replies. :o))))

And so does a dear intellectual friend... mwaahahah

  Forum Editor 23:19 01 Nov 2005

it's a meaningless phrase, and you'll need to give us the context, as fourm member has said.

  Mysticnas 19:58 02 Nov 2005

I was just having a debate, albiet a pointless one with my brother and a friend....

This is just it, there is no context... lol confused? as were we...

Someone said they know all about "integrated web services". I was like oh okaaay... nice for you then.

and for some reason or another it turned into a debate about what exactly an integrated web service constitutes. "What makes an integrated web service an integrated web service?"

I for one couldn't give a 'proper-specific' definition, so suggested we seek guidance from the seasoned web developers on here.

We did google it by the way, and couldn't find any specific definition that carried over from site to site, a rule of thumb as they say, an underlying requisite.

Simply, if i were to ask "what is an integrated web service?"

Sorry all for the confusion and sillyness.

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