integrated graphics or card?

  megachef198 11:36 30 Dec 2010

I am looking at getting a new pc. It is for email, office suite and general surfing, not any big games or video stuff.
I just want cheap and cheerful, but my hubby says I need a separate graphics card as integrated graphics are c**p. I thought all I need is integrated for what I will be doing, and they are much cheaper.
He tells me I need to be able to update all the components, but I don't understand why.

  961 11:46 30 Dec 2010

Things have moved on a little since all integrated graphics were c**p. Some are now very good and, for the purposes you describe, absolutely fine

The other thing to bare in mind is that in the unlikely event you decide the integrated graphic aren't doing the job it's easy peasy to buy and fit a card yourself

Additionally, some makers charge OTT prices for a card. Last time I bought an off the shelf computer the maker wanted an additional £71 for a card I bought and fitted myself for £38

He couldn't, perhaps, be angling for a card so he can play the latest games on your new p.c. could he?

  Ian in Northampton 13:04 30 Dec 2010

Yes, your husband is badly out of date - or, as 961 suggests, he has an ulterior motive... :-) Inbuilt graphics have moved on in leaps and bounds over the years. The only reasons to buy a graphics card today are:

1. To use graphics-intensive software like games
2. Because your PC hasn't got much/enough memory and you can't afford any of it to be used by graphics
3. You need two or more monitors attached to your PC
4. You need some kind of connectivity - e.g. HDMI, DVI - that your inbuilt graphics doesn't provide

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