Integrated Graphics... - are you stuck with them?

  Ade_1 13:36 23 Sep 2005

I was wondering if you buy a computer with integrated graphics in, does that mean you cant upgrade your graphics by buying a graphics card? Help would be appriciated thanks.

  JohnDG 13:42 23 Sep 2005

You can upgrade graphics by installing a PCI or AGP card, just insert the card and use the driver disc that comes with the card. Very easy job, just make sure power is off before inserting card.


  smudge101 13:47 23 Sep 2005

I would say that most PCs these days are able to take an upgraded graphics card, I think it highly unlikely that it would not.
If you know what you are looking for you could open the case and look for an AGP slot on the motherboard, or you could download a computer audit program to see what hardware resources are free.
Whatever the case, if you install another graphics card you will have to go into the BIOS to disable the onboard graphics.

  NinkyRudes 13:47 23 Sep 2005

... if you post your motherboard model & manufacturer we can be of more help. Some older mobos don't offer AGP or PCI-E, but rely on the much older PCI technology.

If you want more pointers, let us know.

  Stuartli 15:21 23 Sep 2005

Ade_1 questions whether, if he bought a system with integrated graphics, he could still upgrade using a graphics card?

  Ade_1 17:52 23 Sep 2005

Thanks for all help guys. Just i have an old computer which has a 64mb Nvidia graphics card and im looking to buy a new computer and want to get a decent deal and i thought well if it comes with on board graphics but a decent deal then i would just upgrade and put my own graphics card in (obviously beter than i already have) thanks again guys!

  citadel 19:32 23 Sep 2005

If you are getting a new pc you may as well get one with a decent graphics card already installed as it will be cheaper than buying the card later.

  Ade_1 19:34 23 Sep 2005

ok, thanks for advice

  GaT7 19:38 23 Sep 2005

Take note of citadel's comment.

If you do get a new computer comes with basic onboard graphics, ensure the motherboard has an AGP slot, as AGP-based graphic cards are generally better than their equivalent PCI ones.

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