suzsuzy 19:46 05 Jun 2009


i have a lap top which suffered coffee and died the insurance is doing a like for like
mine is Fujitsu Siemens V5545 laptop
intel core 2 duo T7300
2.GH2 2048 MB
250 CB
ATI Radeon H02400
Vista premium

all they have put on the letter is spec for spec i can have a fugitsu esprimo v6535 2gb 250gb dvd rw wifi 15.4" vhp

can any one help with this i rang them and they cover spec for spec and advised me there was a question mark over the 250 gb part of my lap top i have sent them my invoice to prove i had what i had but i need to know if any one has got any ideas for a spec for spec model of mine

thanks so much in advance


  Pamy 22:27 05 Jun 2009

this site click here shows your model as only having a 120Gb HDD. As it is out of stock they also give an equivalant spec. model

  phono 22:37 05 Jun 2009

If the insurance company do not look for the damaged laptop back you could always salvage the 250Gb drive from it and clone the new one to it.

Having said that they will most likely ask for the damaged laptop.

  suzsuzy 23:20 05 Jun 2009

thanks pammy,

the insurance said it only had 120gb as well but i was definatly sold 250gb its on the reciept.

also my laptp had blue tooth and the spec says it shouldnt but apart from all that its the same.

do you know of any lap tops which are of the same spec so i can ask the insurance to replace it to that one .

i dont really know what all the mumbo jumbo means but someones told me tonight what they are offering is slightly better but with not very good graphics card compared to what i had.

basically if anyone know of a laptop i can go to insurance with and say there you go its the same spec as mine swap it for that please.

ooo easy my aching head lol .
apparently the coffee spill damage the mother board the hard drive and the battery thing so i think salvaging would be a complete no go as, all im competant in doing is putting the battery in and out :)

thanks suzanne

  ambra4 06:18 06 Jun 2009

This is the model that you had but it is now discontinued

click here

Your choice is between the following Fujitsu laptops

Fujitsu Esprimo V6535 - VFY: V6535MPRD1GB

click here

Come with a 160GB hard drive; no Bluetooth

FUJITSU SIEMENS V5535, Pentium Dual Core T2410 2.0

click here

Also come with a 160GB hard drive; no Bluetooth

  Taff™ 09:23 06 Jun 2009

I have had three dealings with insurance claims for laptops on behalf of others and a word of caution. Check with the insurance company or your broker how the claim will affect your premiums over the next three years and take into account any excess you have to pay on this claim. In two cases the increase in premium was so excessive it was cheaper to buy a new laptop. Even switching insurance companies when it came for renewal with a claim on record was almost as expensive.

I successfully argued with one insurance company that the hard disk drive could not be returned with the laptop because of personal data on it. Like yours it was damaged by liquid spillage and was a write off anyway. It was put into a caddy and now serves as an external back up although in the end the insurance company didn`t collect it anyway.

  Forum Editor 11:21 06 Jun 2009

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  Terminus90 16:52 13 Jun 2009

print this off and show it to them click here

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