insufficient memory

  25paul 23:29 26 Jan 2003

i installed a new printer. after installing it, my local disc C and my cd-rw, disc R dissappeared from My Computer and wouldn't work. i did a system restore which didn't resolve the problem. i used Help, which advised me to reinstall my drivers. i did this and got both the C and R drives back. but also gained a backup D disc. i now run out of memory very fast and keep getting error messages about insufficient memory. could the D drive be causing this ? can i delete it without causing any damage or losing my C and R drives again ?

my computer is a packard bell iconnect, using millenium edition. 800 megahertz Intel Celeron. 32 kilobyte primary memory cache. 128 kilobyte secondary memory cache. 256 Megabytes Installed Memory.
c: (on drive 0) 19.01 GB 14.39 GB free .
d: (on drive 0) 1.39 GB 95 MB free

  MartinT-B 09:42 27 Jan 2003


(sorry can't help but putting this back on top of the pile :))

  Gongoozler 11:19 27 Jan 2003

25paul, from what you are saying above, you shoul dhave no problem with memory. I don't understand why you have gained a new partition, unless it was already there but hidden. Is one of your applications trying to save to the D drive?

  hgrock 13:36 27 Jan 2003

where did you ger disk R from and what is it, if you hacd 1 HB and a CD ROM there should be Dricea A: C: & D:also E: if you have your disk partitioned, R have me baffeled, what OS are you using, try reducing the 128 KB secondary memory, is your drive compressed?

  Gongoozler 08:00 28 Jan 2003

Hi 25paul. You have ticked this problem as resolved. What did you do to cure it?

  vinnyT 12:02 28 Jan 2003

hgrock, when I format/reinstall my os one of the first things I do is change the assigned cd and dvd drive letters, usually to Y: and Z:. I do this to prevent my cd/dvd drives being affected should I add a new hdrive or partition, this may be why 25paul has a disk R:

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