Instant XP crash - hidden problem?

  User-B882DE2D-4217-46BE-A754C994A0CFFCF0 19:50 12 May 2004

Just passing this on to see if anyone can explain it: had a complete XP failure (instant shut down and reboot) by simply running a program from Program Files... Didn't think that could happen. Program in question was 'dialer - TAPI 3.0 Dialer and IP Multicast Conference Viewer' in the Windows NT folder in Program Files. Didn't know what it was, so tried to run it... Seems to be a built-in VOIP conferencing utility, but when I put in an email address of someone I knew was on broadband and clicked 'Dial' (or 'connect', can't remember which, and don't care to repeat it to check)- end of story (black screeen, then bios memory count...). It's not that I want to run this program, just alarmed that something in XP (I sure haven't installed it myself, never heard of it before) can cause such a fatal crash, with not so much as an error message.

  Graham ® 20:12 12 May 2004

I think you should scan for viruses sraight away.

Download, update and run AVG click here

  Graham ® 20:13 12 May 2004

(red face) straight away.

  spikeychris 20:16 12 May 2004

Restating is what XP does, Windows XP is set to automatically restart by default when a blue screen error occurs
click here

You will then get a proper error message and/or an event viewer.

Have since installed, updated and run Norton AV2004 - no hint of a virus. And thanks, spikeychris, but thought one of the good things about XP was that only the application itself should crash, not the system; did finally get a serious error message and 'send error report', but not 'til I was hurriedly loading Norton, so didn't stop to look at the details. But no-one heard of this program, whether or not it's part of XP Pro, or other Windows Networking application (I use this PC sometimes standalone, sometimes part of 2000 Server domain)? Curious, really... It certainly doesn't show up in Add/Remove, and I haven't added it myself...

  Spook Tooth 00:40 13 May 2004

Didn't crash when I tried it, but unsure on how to work it. It's not a virus - just some (now) obsolete software from Windows NT by the looks of it.

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click here

Nice one, Spook, seems you're right; but it doesn't quite explain the crash. I'm on broadband, and have VOIP set up on AOL, as well as Netmeeting installed (can't remember why, never used it), so it's not something my system isn't capable of (ha!). Will try to track down System Alert in logs to find details. But if it was part of 2000 OS, then it's probably (as I dimly understand it) a kernel thread, not a user thread, so might cause a system failure... May also (for the hell of it) try to repeat it to see if it happens again (and get log).

Look, I did it again... Instant crash. Program opened OK, entered valid email address into address pane, and clicked 'Dial'. Started 'loading Audio and Video terminal...' and Bang. The reboot dragged up no 'Send error report' dialogue (not did 2nd reboot), but System Alert shows a bugdump with STOP code 0x0000007f (if this means anything to anyone). Not a problem, just a bit of a mystery, so violin and pipe at the ready, Spook... :)

  John-259217 03:42 14 May 2004 the meaning of that particular stop code.

Elementry my dear Leezer!

Mystery solved?


Well the clues point to Microsoft Knowledge Base article Q137539 a quick Google will lead you there.

Possible causes include defective memory, overclocking, other hardware errors or software that asks the hardware to behave in a manner its unhappy with.

I`d guess that some combination of the audio/video calls clash and cause the problem.

Further investigation of the Microsoft site reveals the fiendish hand of Moriarty is behind this!

I can`t be sure but I believe he`s using the allias "Bill Gates" to disguise his world domination plans! ;-)

Yeh, thanks m73john, tracked it down as well myself, finally (well, as far as KB, and error under 'Device Driver conflict'- not particularly helpful). Now I know what it is, and that it doesn't sit too well with my hardware, will simply Delete the damn thing. One might have thought that one of Moriarty's gang would have baulked at including an unused utility from 2000 in XP, but when you're too busy taking over the world, it must be hard... Ta, all :)

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