Instant power up when Psu cable connected - HELP

  MRobbo 00:24 14 Nov 2006

Right this is the story, my brother has a 2.7 celeron skt478 from emachines around 2yrs old. When he moved it stopped working, basically no response from the pwrbtn. We opened it up and everythin seemed fine untill we plugged the psu cable back in, when it instantly started with no output thru the onboard gfx.

I thought it was a PSU/mobo issue so got a good deal on a seasonic 330 and Asrock P4i65g mobo( new psu1). However, it now either doesnt boot at all or does the exact same thing as before - but its getting dangerous... I tried another new psu (new psu2) (altho a cheaper one) and when the cable was inserted it started instantly but about 2 secs in the fuse blew out of the back of the psu!!,thru the fan! with a massive bang, tripping my main house fusebox.

It occurs to me that the seasonic has more fail safes than the other psu (or maybe 'a fail safe').

So... what do i do now, we've ran the mobo out of the case with no components (apart from mem mod and cpu), cleared the cmos etc and are now stuck for ideas. Could a dodgy cpu cause all this mayhem?? is it compatibility issues? and does anyone want a cheap psu ;)

Please help


  sean-278262 17:50 14 Nov 2006

Go to the bios usually f2 on boot and disable power on when the power is connected. Not sure what menu it will be in but many mobos offer a menu to enable or disable booting when power is connected.

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