Instant power off! No warning

  dave-jens 08:36 30 Apr 2005

I am having problems with my PC. Every day almost, without warning my PC will instantly switch off! I can be on the Internet, Playing a game, or it can be sat idle.
Windows does not shut down, it just powers off as if the Power off button has been held in for 4 seconds.
Then I cannot restart it without powering off at the wall for a few seconds!
When I do get it re started there is no record of it happening on the Event log.

I have an Asus A7V8X-X mother, AMD 2400+, 80 gb hd. 300w PSU. I have Asus probe which shows the CPU and Memory Temp, neither of which goes too high. (Highest CPU 56, Mem 30.)
I am guessing it is not Windows ( XP)
Why is this happening and how?

  jack 08:39 30 Apr 2005

First impression is faulty cabling.
Check plug connections/ replace power cable.
Then power supply to MoBo.
Report back

  keith-236785 10:07 30 Apr 2005

i think along the same lines as jack, check the power plug to the psu is firmly pushed in. then make sure the 20 pin block is plugged into motherboard properly.

have you banged or kicked the front of the case recently, it might be the power/reset switch panel that is shorting out and causing the shutdowns (unlikely but i have had a similar problem brought to me).

good luck

  dave-jens 14:27 30 Apr 2005


I have checked the power cable to the PSU, fine nice tight fit, no fault if I wiggle it.
The PSU to mobo is also a nice fit.

If it was cable I would expect it to happen if I knocked it, but it is happening on its own.

Also it is locking out when it instantly powers off. Every time I must power off at the mains socket for it to re-boot or nothing happens when I power on at the case. For it to lock out suggests more than a cable fault to me.
Any thing else?

  jack 17:59 30 Apr 2005

Now we are scratching, with out the machine on a bench.
Take a look at the Bios settings Powersaving
things like that - If you have the MoBo handbook so much the better.

  mrh 19:11 30 Apr 2005

when pc reboots does windows immediately load

  dave-jens 20:28 30 Apr 2005

Yes, Windows loads as normal when I do restart it ( After turning the mains power off.)and no error reports come up to send to Microsoft.
Occasionally when I do restart it will shut off again before Windows is loaded.

The settings seam OK in the BIOS. The PC was fine for 8-9 months then all of a sudden, it would shut off without warning.

  lotvic 23:14 30 Apr 2005

I think the switch button is faulty

  DieSse 23:26 30 Apr 2005

Are you sure it's not a problem with your mains - short power cuts? Could you arrange to borrow a UPS to run it off for a couple of days, to eliminate the possibility?

  DieSse 23:28 30 Apr 2005

Have you got an old HP device with old software attached?

  dave-jens 12:03 01 May 2005

lotvic: What switch button? Why do you think so?
It works fine once I turn the mains off and on. Would a switch button lock out?

I will have to look into the UPS, at least a surge protection.

I have a HP deskjet 710c that was bought in December 1999. The drivers were from XP.
Can old HP software cause problems?

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