Instant Messaging

  Nenad 14:38 07 Jul 2005

I am looking for an Instant Messaging service that is easy to install, is reliable, works with different email systems, works with Telewest broadband and with Windows 98. Also will not disrupt my firewall. Can anyone recommend a service?
Skype is no good because of poor comments on this forum, MS Messenger has also received a good deal of criticism, AOL probably only for AOL users, and Yahoo is maybe only for users of BT.
Is this a pipedream?

  Graham ® 15:00 07 Jul 2005

Skype is no good? I use it all the time! There are over 3 million users online right now!

As it is free, why not give it a go and find out for yourself?

  ethelene 16:14 07 Jul 2005

I have telewest broadband and use Skype very successfully, including Skype Out.

I also use MSN messaging with no problems whatsoever.

They are both free, so give them a go.

  JayDay 16:33 07 Jul 2005

Trillian click here

You can receive IM's from all these services AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo Messenger, and IRC.

  Nenad 22:27 07 Jul 2005

Apparently Skype doesn't work with Windows 98 according to Skype, so can't try it and am concerned with other negative comments on forum re Skype. Will look into the other suggestions.
Thanks for your views.

  Nenad 11:57 10 Jul 2005

Thanks for your assistance

  cyberbreed 21:38 07 Dec 2005

Did you find an IM good for windows 98 and windows XP?

I need an IM for free PC to PC calls to Brasil from UK.

Have tried Skype and MSN - problems with high 'noise' levels on both. Can hardly hear a thing.

Both PC's on broadband. No idea what the problem is. My Skype works fine within UK and to another user in Brasil who has XP. But not to the one on w98. Could be RAM - soundcard prob maybe?

  Mytob 22:40 07 Dec 2005

I would stay clear of most of the main stream ones as they are not open source. MSN is like a swiss cheese when it comes to security problems even though M$ have been getting down to fixing many of them recently and also has lots of adverts with it to. AIM is also fegualy attacked by hackers and only recently a worm has been released with targets AIM useres my litraly talking to them with out the users knowlage. Skype is also rather venrable at the moment aparantly to attack. As for yahoo i have no knowlage of it. My best advice is go for a open source messenger such as amsn . These tend to be the most secure of the bunch mainly because of it being open for anyone to view the code. This allows the community to point out the security flaws to the creators and thus meaning bolting down almost all security holes befor an official release and even during a release so developers can make a fix. In the end i would not use instant messengers any way because of the number of ports opend by the programs. Any hacker scanning you pc could find a open one and quickly transfer a trojan which will then in turn download the rest of the hackers progs such as sub seven or back orofice to take total control of your pc. So in a sentance forget it if i were you.

  cyberbreed 19:19 08 Dec 2005

Thanks for the advise - a bit worrying. I have heard that some anti-virus programs can protect and scan an IM - 'avast', for instance being one I have read about.

  Mytob 23:58 08 Dec 2005

most of the comercial scanner have on access scanners and moniter incomming traffic. if it didnt then it wodnt be worth squat :). i would also stay away from chat rooms as hackers also lerk in them and it is easy to get hold of some ones ip jut woth the whois command which again opens you up to attack. i myself dont use im anymore because of the risks involved. try to limit your self to bulitan boards as these are very much more secure to use.

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