redeyenewby 10:04 04 Nov 2009

I have just bought an E machine laptop and installed a dongle (after having installed, NTL and norton 360). The laptop shutdown when I was loading windows updates - due to battery running out. I put the laptop on charge and it went through a repair procedure. On completion themessage came up:- please insert your CD ROM with the virtual truck progam. Looking for file
E:\INSTALLS\TERAUSB\VTRUCK2.EXE I found an article on the internet which told me that this is aproblem which has frequently occurred and showed how to correct it for Win98 and XP. My system (for my sins) is Vista Home. How do I get rid of this agreavation ? Please. Is it just a matter of using misconfig -Win.ini -run=involving\vtagent\reboot.exe and untick -OK. Is this the way?

  chippy+ 11:40 04 Nov 2009

hi try this from google

This is a "Frequent problem" with Broadband Installer CDs v1.1 and 1.2. It was addressed in V1.3, but still occurs.

It can be caused by people clicking on the "X" in the top right of the Broadband Installer application rather than using the closedown options in the application.

The typical error message which shows on start up is:

Please insert your CD-ROM with the Virtual Truck Program. Looking for file:


Where F:\ is the CD Rom drive in this case.

To correct this, do the following (Windows 98 example)

Click Start,
Click Run.
Enter msconfig and click OK.
Click on the Win.ini tab.
Click the [+] sign beside [windows].
If you see an entry "run= involving \vtagent\reboot.exe", then untick it.
Click OK to exit.

For Windows XP

From my computer, navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup and delete the vtagent icon

Done! It shouldn't happen again! Chippy

  redeyenewby 13:10 04 Nov 2009

Thank you Chippy, but I had already found that message from Google and printed it off, but my OS is Vista Home and, so far, I haven't been able to navigate to all users. That's my problem!. Additionally I am a little bit nervous about say, going into search and deleting it until I am sure that I am not doing further diruptions. I've found that the more one learns about a subject the less one knows. There is such a vast amount of informatin in the world today. Sorry, I'm doing a bit of philosiphising. Thank you for your effort.

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