[email protected] 09:51 12 Dec 2006

i was playing on on line game yesterday (albatros18) when a bubble appeared on task bar, with an icon saying instalshield looking for updates, so i guessed it was part of the game, the thing is i was just looking at this forum and the same thing happened! i have done scans with ad aware and norton no probs, but in nortons log it has blocked comms with albatros 37 times since the first incident yesterday, does this sound right?

  anskyber 09:53 12 Dec 2006

It comes with some PCs and some programs. I have it on my PC and it is harmless.

  mattyc_92 09:53 12 Dec 2006

It doesn't sound right.
At most it should be daily.

Have you got any program (such as Jasc PaintShop Pro) installed that used the 'InstallShield' as the installer? I have noticed that programs using this setup wizard, now like to connect to the internet for 'updates'

  [email protected] 10:01 12 Dec 2006

well all games play ok, should i allow firewall rules? i also had splinter cell free with my grahics card, but it has to be the albatros game as thats all that is registered on firewall log, got albatros as a free on line golf game from download. com seemed ok, i guess it will keep trying as it has failed due to being blocked by firewall, strange how it lets me play game though! the game uses something called N block anti hack wonder if it could be that?
thanks for the quick replies

  [email protected] 10:04 12 Dec 2006

also world of warcraft runs a background downloader whick trickles data for the next patch over a few days which saves time on patch day, but you can turn this off and it states blizzard background down loader running this installshield doesnt have any further details but marries up with albatros 18 being blocked

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