installing XP problems

  DMAN 10:46 07 Jan 2003
  DMAN 10:46 07 Jan 2003

Hope someone can help me. I've tried upgrading my windows 98 to XP but to no avail. It checks the system and when it reboots the system for the first time everything seems to be fine but then it goes to a blue screen saying 'stop system error-unknown hard error'. I don't know what this means and am wondering now if I should do a clean install. If so is this difficult? Is there anything I should be careful of? What about this Fat32 and NTSC business? Can someone advise me please.

  Infamous 10:58 07 Jan 2003

Well basicly i would recommend a clean format, then try. And the fat32 and NTSC is diffrent file formats basicly NTSC is the new format and works mor efficently. Unknown hardware error i have had that before when i 1st got xp turned out to be my HDD going on me so if i was you check your hardware.


  artist 17:34 07 Jan 2003

how old is the computer. Mine was about 5 years. Had your problem about a month ago. Install wouldn't complete. Had to get a 'man' in - he couldn't do it either. He formatted the disc, tried his own copy of XP and other progs,2000 etc, all with no luck. I got a new system in the end as I didn't want to be stuck with W98.
It was all well worth it - XP is great!

  BRYNIT 17:47 07 Jan 2003

Have you checked comp specs against XP req.
If HD is not big enough you will have all sorts of problems

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