Installing XP Pro When to connect to Internet

  Shikaree 17:49 03 Jul 2009

Hi Folks,

In a couple of days I will be installing XP Pro to another computer, should I disconnect my Internet before starting the Installation. Also, when should I reconnect my Internet.

Please Help advise.



  ronalddonald 18:20 03 Jul 2009

If your gonna do a complete install windows xp pro it will probably knock and rewrite the hard-rive hence the software for the Internet may have to reinstalled by you. Yes you should disconnect it install the windows op system and reinstall the software for the Internet and then connect the modem. but before you do anything mak sure you back up any files and data you might need for the future onto data stick or external drive.

  Shikaree 20:31 03 Jul 2009

Hello ronalddonald,

Thanks for your immediate reply. In Disk Management I have Formatted the 160GB Hard Drive with a Primary Partition as is customary. In the formatting the Extended/Logical partition was deleted. I'm trying to put this back on the hard drive, but I can't do it in Disk management. It won't allow me to reformat or delete the Primary Partition. I can't reformat the hard drive from any source.

I wanted to make this Extended/Logical Partition to transfer my Personal data from my present computer to this one, so if anything happens to 'C' my 'G' will not be effected.

Of course then I'll have to make sure when installing XP Pro that it is installed in 'C.'

Please have a look here

Wish to install XP Pro again- Please Help

to see what I'm trying to achieve.


  Shikaree 20:37 03 Jul 2009

Hello ronalddonald,

Oh dear, I tried to copy and paste the thread "Wish to install XP Pro again- Please Help" but didn't succeed.


  gazzaho 21:52 03 Jul 2009

I'm not totally sure about partitions but I don't think XP will allow you to partition a drive unless there is unallocated space available. Vista I believe has a shrink volume feature to create unallocated space but XP doesn't. I don't use partitions myself but from what I can make out from reading click here I would imagine you would set the partition size on installing windows from the CD disk. If you do not use the full size of the disk on installing the operating system, disk management will show unallocated space on the C: drive which you can then create your additional partition from.

I would disconnect the computer from the Internet, install XP Pro and then any Anti virus software you use before reconnecting, then download any drivers updates that are required. I would advise using Windows Update before doing any casual web browsing as Windows will be reset to the time the installation disk was created. You will have to re download SP3 and any security updates released after this date.

There are a few ways to transfer files from one computer to another, using a USB flash drive for instance but you could try a USB transfer cable to do the job.

  Strawballs 22:11 03 Jul 2009

When doing a clean install of XP I always leave connected to Router so it will do an activation straight away. Only once did it not connect because of lack of drivers for the onboard lan and that was when installing Win7 on a 4yr old machine. A PCI network card for under a tenner installed and windows found drivers for that before I even had a chance to get the disc out of the packet.

  T I M B O 22:33 03 Jul 2009

Before i do a clean install, the 1st thing i do is make a backup of all eamils and address & export all my favorites from IE 6, then i run my backup software to an external hard drive. Once that has completed i then put my xp cd into the cd rom then close down the pc. Once the pc has closed down, i then remove all but the keyboard and mouse & the screen of course lol. Making sure that the backup hard drive has been unpluged if it's internal. Once i am sure that all has been unpluged, i then hit the on button. Once the install has been completed, i then install my AV, i normally have a copy of my AV handy to install. I install SP3 that i have on a cd. Once this AV has been install i then connect to the internet and making sure that you have not got automatic updates, then make sure updates for the av has taken place. Then i make sure all the updates i want are then install from microsoft.

  gazzaho 22:37 03 Jul 2009

The thing is that while installing your system the potential is there for malware infection. How true this is, is no doubt debatable, I myself prefer to disconnect until Anti virus software is installed.

  Strawballs 04:09 04 Jul 2009

Maybee I have been lucky but I have never had a problem, the only site's that get visited are Microsoft for activation and the Anti Virus site to download said software.

  Shikaree 14:43 04 Jul 2009

gazzaho, Strawballs, T I M B O,

Thanks you very much for all the info and advise. Now I know that I'll be quite safe and have all the necessary knowledge at hand to do the XP Pro Install. I will have a PRINTOUT of all the knowledge so graciously given here.

Thanks once again. Much appreciated.


  DieSse 15:03 04 Jul 2009

When you boot from the XP CD you have the chance to remove all existing partitions, repartition as you wish, and format the partitions as you wish - all before you get to the actual setup.

I normally setup disconnected from the net - then install a (previously downloaded) AV program.

Then connect to the net, update the AV and then do the Windows updates (there will be a lot).

Next install needed applications and update them.

Next transfer previously saved data.

When all finished and working, Authorise (save trying to re-authorise if one has to start over again for some reason).

And finally do a complete Image to an external drive, to act as a Restore to an initial, fully working, fully updated state, if needed.

At each major step I do a disk cleanup and defragment, to get the cleanest, fastest initial setup state.

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