Installing XP Home

  bluto1 22:30 23 Feb 2006

I`ve just been to a friends house and listened to his woeful story. He bought his PC from a RAF "mate" for £50.00 complete with XP Pro SP 2 and when he tried to get updates from Microsoft he was asked to authenticate his version of XP and was naturally given the thumbs down. I suggested he buy an OEM version of XP Pro but he said he cannot afford what DABS are asking but would get XP Home instead.
There`s not a lot on his HDD that he`s worried about and I`d like to ask the advice of those here who know that if he formats the HDD can he then install XP Home(Ican add SP2 from disc)and have a legal OS? Please help, and thanks in advance.

  VoG II 22:33 23 Feb 2006

Format during the install click here

  bluto1 22:47 23 Feb 2006

I`m not totally sure of what you mean. I`m reading your thread as saying XP Home install will clear out XP Pro, am I right. ? If I am then thanks a million. I`ll ring him and tell him to go ahead and make the purchase, and make sure he gets an installation key.

  rmcqua 22:48 23 Feb 2006

Yes, he can format his HDD, then install XP Home, followed by SP2. Shouldn't have any problems.

  terryf 09:45 24 Feb 2006

If your friend approaches a supplier and asks if he can buy XP oem with a piece of hardware (which can be quite minor) this will be less expensive and could include SP2, If it doesn't include SP2 look here click here to see instructions on how to make a legal CD that includes SP2. This may save time for future reloads.

  bluto1 10:53 24 Feb 2006

Thanks all for your help, I`m off to get him started now.

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