Installing XP on a 98 HP Omnibook 6100 Laptop

  SpawnOfSatan747 17:34 19 Oct 2003

Can anyone give me any advice on installing XP on a HP laptop? I want to format the hard drive and install XP on it. It's currently Windows 98 with a Pentium III m processor and 256MB RAM. Any suggestions for upgrades or anything?

  ¤LØLLͤ 17:41 19 Oct 2003

hi spawn i ahve a toshiba laptop with 98 on it when i wanted to upgrade i was told it was not wise to do so but have you been to the hp site or phoned them to as their advice?

  SpawnOfSatan747 17:45 19 Oct 2003

Nope i haven't phoned them. I was wanting to go into a pc shop like pcworld and ask for their advice because i want a P4 processor in the laptop because it's only at 1Ghz just now.

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