Installing XP

  Sapins 10:49 19 Apr 2007

Could someone outline for me the sequence after loading XP, e.g. what is next, firewall, anti virus, critical updates etc.

I am giving a friend a copy of Microsoft's article "Install Windows XP" and Service Pack 2 on a CD and I need to know what other guidance to give him.

  Diodorus Siculus 11:04 19 Apr 2007

I generally install windows XP, [and SP2 if necessary] turn on its firewall, install all updates via windowsupdate and then install Avast AV, choice of firewall and windows defender in that order.

It's never caused me to have an infection.

  Sheik Yerbouti 11:08 19 Apr 2007

Firewall should be up and running by default, Next install your Antivirus Software before connecting to the Internet, then go online and update your AV. Then go to Windows Update site and D/L and install all updates. Don't forget you may need to install/update drivers, for Motherboard, to get Online, Sound, Graphics etc.

I would install a Security Suite if you have one, 'cos XP firewall isn't so good.

There is 1 other thing I would do.. Go to Black Viper Site click here and disable any services that are not needed (like remote registry) as these could pose a security risk if you don't use 'em. Hope this is of some help.

  birdface 11:08 19 Apr 2007

Anti-Virus yes,If you can download one for your friend and put it on a disc,so that you can run it before going on to the Internet.Windows Firewall should automatically start but check first,You can always download another at a later date.Then connect to Internet you may be prompted to run your Anti-Virus again,And then download all your updates,Make sure the Anti-Virus is updated as soon as you get internet connection.

  Diemmess 11:10 19 Apr 2007

First installation (ever !) of XP Pro a month ago.

Priority for internet connection to download latest AV and firewall, then install these.

I think it is unnecessarily a long way round, to set up AV and Firewall before a first net access, only to have to re-configure and update before they are become useful.

For me, updates thrust themselves forward at intervals and largely took care of themselves.

  sunny staines 12:47 19 Apr 2007

install sp2 disc, then firewall/AV and update them. then go back to remainder of ms updates. followed by drivers,antispyware,programs etc.

  Sapins 17:45 19 Apr 2007

Thank you all for your help, I am now ready to give him the info he needs,



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