Installing XP on 250GB SATA drive

  starjon 21:09 28 Jul 2006

Hi there..I have a 250GB SATA HD drive and trying to load XP on to it...all that happens is that the files load from the XP CD onto the HDD but the menu screen does not appear...I can view the files when logged in from a IDE drive but the whole XP software is not on the SATA drive.
I have seen other advice which states I require chipset drivers to load onto my system from floppy drive after pressing F6 for RAID drives present?? The drivers downloaded are 7.5 MB...a bit big to go on a floppy!!
Any help please would be much appreciated..
The system is an HP xw9300 computer.
many thanks in advance.

  g0nvs 21:24 28 Jul 2006

You should have a Floppy Disc with the Raid Driver on It to enable XP to see the drive.Setup will ask If you have a disc for the Raid Driver. Take a look on the CD for Raid Drivers & how to create a Floppy Disc, if not have a look on your Motherboard's website.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:49 28 Jul 2006

Can cause problems if running a IDE and SATA drive together as the motherboard often sees the IDE driv as the primary master drive.

If your BIOS recognises the sata drive then unplug IDE drive and install windows XP in the normal way.

Installing XP on SATA drive
Once you have the drive(s) connected you are ready to start installing XP.
Master and Slave
Remember since it's serial you can only have one device per SATA port/cable so SATA drives don't have jumpers. On the Motherboard SATA1 Port is for the primary device, SATA2 port is for the secondary device etc.

SATA controller driver
Your Motherboard or SATA controller card requires a driver to work properly. If you did not get a Floppy Disk with the SATA driver included with your Motherboard you will have to make one. The SATA drivers can be located on the installation CD that came with your Motherboard or preferably, download the latest SATA controller drivers from the manufacturers site. Once you have located the drivers copy them to a formatted floppy disk. Make sure they are in the root directory i.e. not contained within any folders.

BIOS settings
When you turn on the PC hit the Delete key when prompted and you will enter the BIOS (Basic Input Output System). Here you set the first boot device to be the CDROM drive, the option is usually found under the Advanced Options section but this depends on your BIOS and you may have to look around for it. Once you have done this save and exit.

Installing the SATA controller driver
Once you have set the PC to boot from the CD make sure the XP CD is in the CD drive and start the installation as per usual. Within the first minute or so of the installation Windows will prompt you to press F6 to install RAID or SCSI drivers, do this. Windows will continue to install then ask you to locate the driver. now with the floppy disk created earlier in drive A: select the driver and hit Enter.
With the SATA drivers installed you can now continue the Windows installation as usual.

BIOS settings revisited
Once Windows has finished installing you will need to make sure the PC is set to boot from the SATA drive. To do this make the first boot device SATA if the option is available. If not you have two options: HD0 - If there are no IDE HDs present, or SCSI if you do plan on running an IDE HD as a secondary device.

  starjon 14:01 29 Jul 2006

Many thanks for the advice, I have disconnected the IDE drive and attempted to boot to SATA from the XP CD..however all I see is files being downloaded to the SATA and cannot see the menu to begin setup..(as you do when installing to IDE drive)
Also although the SATA drives are enabled in BIOS I cannot see the SATA drive, I have formatted the disk from XP, and can see the SATA drive when booted into XP from the IDE drive and SATA is shown as drive E:\.
I have also downloaded the nvidia chipset driver files from the manufacturer..however they are do I copy please the necessary files to floppy in order to load XP?? Or do I load all 7.5MB files to the cipset??
Thanks again to all for your responses..very grateful.

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